Gorgeous Products

I wanted to point out that taking your time to make your products look as fantastic as possible really matters. Look at this list of GORGEOUS things from Etsy. I made it with the Etsy Poster Sketch Tool. Love it! What could look like an ordinary bar of soap turns into a spa fantasy. Really.



Once again I've got a BIG show to do. YAY! This week has been BUSY!!

Heres some photos of what Im getting ready to sell. Ive made tons of new fused glass fancies, lavender sachets, and mosaic do-dads. Its all crazy right now so I cant even describe things properly. If you've ever done a craft show you'll know exactly how I feel today. The show is tomorrow. CRUNCH TIME!

This is a batch of glass that is prepared to get fired in my kiln. They are tiny pieces that are meant for earrings and rings. I stack the glass and heat it until it melts together to form one little drop.

This is what came out of the kiln after firing, and I matched up the cabachons that were the same sizes. These will all be earrings. GORGEOUS!

At some point I will grind a few of the edges and refire them to become smooth again. Others are prefect as they are and will onyl have to grind the back where I will adhere them to earring posts. The colors of dichroic glass are so glowy. I think I'm addicted.

My little lavender soldiers are all lined up and ready for ribbon! I took a photograph of a black and white butterfly wing, and made an iron-on transfer on my computer. I cut them up and ironed them onto muslin bags. I filled those with the lavender I have in my Etsy shop and...viola! I think I will have to take this fabulous idea (if I do say so myself) and bring it to the next level for christmas time gifts, and to sell in my shop. They just seem perfect for little stuffers, housewarming, baby baskets etc. I love them!