TWIST FAIR in Northampton MA - I'm rockin' the craft world!

Two days before Mother's Day....

Twist Craft Fair

Twist Fair - May 11 + 12 
Mother's Day is May 13th. 
Don't forget to thank your momma for being your momma!
Get her a handmade gift!

TWIST is one of the shows that I love because it's got artists, music, beer, food, treats, goody bags, a really pretty ballroom and did I mention the amazing artists and vendors. These are people that do this for real. These vendors probably work on the things you will see on their tables all of the hours of the day, all of the days of the year. They are serious about what they make, and want you to come see it.Myself included!

Friday night is the "Market Party" where you can eat and drink and be merry while you shop. Listen to the live DJ and schmooze. It's fun. Especially since you will probably already be planning a fun night out in Northampton. If you buy a $15VIP ticket you get a goody bag (which always has really good stuff usually a book or yarn or valuable things), and you also get food included and I think a drink too. 
Come at 6pm, pay 4 bucks and some of you will get a goody bag if you come early. DO IT!

Come Saturday and see the ballroom fill with sunlight and shop 60+ vendors.

Don't miss this show. Its hard to find at first, but just keep following the signs. 
Its at the Northampton Center for the Arts Ballroom. That's the building next to the Academy of Music (at the end of Main). Its the giant building, we're on the 3rd floor. GO!

Twist Show Dates
Friday May 11, 2012
5 pm - 6 pm VIP Reception* open to anyone (even YOU!)
6 pm - 9 pm open to everyone for a cheaper price (only $4!)

Saturday May 12, 2012
10 am - 6 pm
Adults $4.00
Kids (6-12) $2.00
5 and under FREE

*VIP Reception $15.00

Twist Craft Fair
Twist Craft FairTwist Craft Fair Twist Craft Fair