CRAFT magazine..blog feature!

Hip hip...My sister called to tell me she came across my image/work while perusing the CRAFT magazine blog yesterday. How exciting!
This is the photo that was found via Flickr. I'm really glad that I did a mega photo shoot before sending out this order! I love when I get large orders, because of this reason... pictures for my portfolio! This is a particularly dreamy set of necklaces.



The little things...guessing game!


I've always loved details. I started (a loong time ago) posting photos of up-close and detailed things. If you want to see the old ones, click here and here.

In any case, I've also always loved those games where you have to guess what the close-up photo is. I hope to do this more often because its good to get your brain moving.

hint: its something I use every single day in the studio.

I will post the asnwer soon!


In the studio

What am I up to?

I've got another prototype for my blue butterfly wing pendants. It's a highly requested color in this shape/size. I've been meaning to work harder at getting this one into it's final stages for a while, but the truth is, my other orders have been keeping me really busy. So I'm thankful for that, but I always like to get new things rolling.

Here's what I made tonight with a few mishaps along the way. This one is a little rough and tumble, but its my first one! It's the blue morpho butterfly wing under glass, set into sterling silver. I made one prior to this that crackled and chipped all over. I think the glass was too snug. I used a glass grinder and a few tools for this so I thought you'd like to see!

This is my new super smooth bit. Oh how I love thee. This grinder is great too, it was my mothers when she did stained glass when I was just a kid. It has really lasted!
Soooo, on another note, I've got one of my fused glass jewelry pieces in a FREE Giveaway at the Etsy Glass Artist blog. Just click the photo below to get there. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in that blog post, (and join the mailing list while youre at it, so we can send you info on other freebies and EGA sales).
Each month there will be a freebie drawing over there, just for fun,
so feel free to become a blog follower to stay updated.


Glitter Rings - Contest

I still havent decided on an official name for these. I've listed them in my shop under Glitter Monster Rings ...for now. I like it!
But- As promised, Ive chosen three names that I like best from the entries. Please vote in the poll on the left so someone can get a prize! It's really fun to give things away! (if my name is chosen the one with the 2nd most votes WINS)
and yes, you can vote for yourself!

Thanks for helping me share my glittery goodies!
UPDATE: 3/21/09- The winning poll vote is coltpixy, so choose your favorite color and I will send it on over!