Hello Hollywood!

Heres a glimpse of a few new earring designs I've been working on. I hope to have them in the shop next week. Unless anyone wants to volunteer to write a fetching description for me!

These earrings make me think of someone dressing up for a big event. They all have something that make me drool, like the juicy pinks, the sparkle of the silver and crystal, the jewel tones. I had holiday parties in mind when I satrted these, and boy do I want to go to one now!

All of these beads (except the cherry pink ones) are czech glass, picked up on one of my trips to Czech Republic to visit my sister. Now thats a good 'business' trip!


And the winners are....

Hip Hip...HOORAY!

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I will be contacting you with an email asking where to ship. I need to send you a PRIZE!

If I dont hear a response in a week, I will choose more!

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UPDATE: All the winners ROCK! They immediately responded with enthusiasm and their shipping address. The goodies will be off to you next week! I've updated this entry with a photo of some of the gifts.


Newsletter Giveaway!

I have, once again, dragged my feet. My toes should be worn down by now.

When you sign up for my mailing list/newsletter, I offer that I will send you an email once a month (ha!) with specials and a giveaway. Now, all you who have joined, KNOW this isnt true. I only send about four newsletters a year (toes wearing off). They do work pretty well, I have to say. People really took advantage of the subscriber only specials (awesome!) and/or at least read the email I sent.

The only thing I really feel bad about is that I havent been sending them one once a month, as promised. This stinks because that means there was no prize drawing!

So, what I will do tomorrow, as I have done in the past, is make up for it.All of those crossed fingers and hopes of winning something FREE, can come true tomorrow!

I will be choosing 6, yes SIX!! newsletter subscribers tomorrow. Then I wont have a guilty conscious, and six people wil have a shiny new handmade item from my product line. OOOH!

Im a little wrapped up in my busy craft show season madness to write a proper newsletter, so I will do what I can in the meantime.

Thank you ALL for subscribing, and if you are reaading this for the first time...sign up now (in the box on your left) and be included in the drawing tomorrow! Easy peasy.

Winners will be posted here (not your full name, dont worry).


Lobster Pot Christmas Tree Lighting TODAY!

Were getting ready for the first OFFICIAL lighting today.
Lopes Square in Provincetown 5 p.m. EST
Be there or be square.
Dad's got the crane ready, hes putting bows on it as I type. This is a photo of the top of the tree, where we will raise it over the tree pyramid and then do a countdown a la new years style. The when the two connect SHAZAM! LIGHT!!!
(I know I didnt post about the building of it yet the whole event isnt over yet!)
Today were expecting 30 mph average winds coming off the ocean (were next to the pier) and a storm bringing rain. Oh boy.
But THATS OKAY! I made cookies!

Hot apple cider will be served by Moi, along with hot cocoa. Well, the newspaper reported that hot cocoa will be served, but I think we have more cider. Its an awesome 60 degrees outside, so cider seems appropriate. (dads good idea)

I also made some special stickers for the event, hoping everyone will wear a little badge of Love.

And my secret little suprise that I still haven't given my family yet....I know its cheesy, but heck I love the Cosby's. (I even said heck to prove it.) I made matching scarves in red and green for the 7 memebrs of my family that will be there. The top little one is for the teeny little 3-year-old that I adore. These were made in about 20 minutes and only came to about $1. each! I got some non-pill fleece which doenst fray at all, and seems softer than regular fleece. I just cut it into strips and scalloped the edges of the girly ones. Nice! So I will give these out and I know my dad will think its great. This is HIS project and I want to make it the best event for him.

So, I'm off to work on a few more things for the day and will certainly report back on everything. Oh yeah, you can watch us live here from a webcam! Click HERE to watch, then click on "Chamber of Commerce" camera icon. Be patient with it too.

Some computers have to install a viewer, but if you want to see us.....


*see my craft show line up in the left column*

Quick Look

Here's a little peep into my mid-November morning here...BRRR!Oh the LEAVES! Trees are so wonderful, until the leaves come off.
It's still pretty though.

Today will go something like this: drink more coffee, eat more food, tidy up studio, head to post office to ship orders, rake the leaves, rake some more, finish wholesale order of butterfly wing necklaces, work on new craft show mirrors and garlands (to be posted about soon!), rake some leaves, head back into studio to do more packing for shipping tomorrow, load the kiln with new suncatchers, work on fun project in studio until bed time. Looks like a boring day, but I think it sounds just delightful!


Lobster Pot Christmas Tree

It's November and time to build the "tree"!
I will be away this weekend with my family to build our annual Holiday Tree made out of Lobster traps! Its an art project/ holiday decoration that my dad started a few years ago. It sits in the center of Provincetown, MA about 17' tall.

We start by lugging traps from lobstermens yards or winter storage area (we need about 80?), build it, cut and paint planks for sturdiness, tie it together with 'plastics' (zip ties), string lights, add bows, decorations, buoys on top, the whole nine yards- I mean two miles.... of ribbon! I want to get into the details of it all, since i think its a pretty BIG deal. I'll save it all for the new photos after this weekend.

I have to go pack, but heres some photos from last years build. Hopefully I will have some stories after the weekend about holiday cheer and not-too-sore muscles.

Have a great weekend!


November Special on Lavender!

Hello all!
My lavender supplier made a big oopsie, and now I can have a lavender sale! Ive got about 50 pounds of lavender to share with you at a discounted price. This is a different kind of lavender that I normally sell, so I am eager to share it with the world, and then buy more!

Click on the photo above to direct you to the lavender part of my shop.

Happy sachet making!
What do you like to make with lavender?