Quick Look -flocked and gilded hearts!

What did I make this week?
Well, a lot of stuff, but these are the NEW things...little hearts! These are polymer clay. I dont know what I'm going to make with them, maybe a ring, a brooch, a pendant?

They were this rich cherry red color before I fired them, and then they got a little darker. I ended up gilding 2 with gold leaf, flocking one with pink (fuzzy ) flocking powder, and painting the rest with red acrylic paint. Just fooling around in the studio...

I decided to paint some white as a base, so that the flocking powder colors would really show up.


The Curious Eye and a butterfly

Thanks to The Curious Eye, for taking such a beautiful photograph of the necklace I made for her. It was a gift that I custom made over the Holidays. Sometimes I never see or hear about my work after it is purchased from the website,
so it was great to come across this posted on her daily 365 blog.

If you have purchased something I have made, either on its own or with you wearing it, I would really love to see it! Send me a link!


Sneak Peak! NEW butterfly wing jewelry!

What's next? I am finally going to have small, round, blue butterfly jewelry for everyone thats been asking me for 3 years. Yes. Finally. Finally! Im so very excited, because 1. I will be able to give you what you want, 2. I will be making something new, and this change is well beyond needed 3. they are really really pretty. I am also in love with that giant teardrop that I put on a wicked long 24" chain. Feels luxurious.

I am planning the pre-debut in the shop around Jan 15th, along with a scrumptious newsletter on Monday (sign up on the left for the deals!). But- I still have to price the new pendants. I really want them to be affordable, but now that I am actually making them, I see how much work they are. I am making every single component of them MYSELF, cutting the glass, grinding, soldering etc. Im still enjoying it now since its all new to me. Maybe once I get a good formula for sizes and shapes and colors, I can streamline my production.
Enjoy the sneak peak!


*Happy New Year*

I wish you Health, Wealth & Happiness!

That is a phrase that my family exchanges every Christmas Eve, during our traditional Polish wigilia. We break oplatki (wafers) and exchange well wishes to each person there. Its a very special thing for us, with laughs for those of us getting the "good boyfriend" wish, and sometimes sighs of hope for those getting the "health" wish. I am very thankful that I have my family and friends, and this tradition reminds me of all that I have.

Above is a photo of a magical dinner I was invited to with some old and wonderful friends hosting a fondue party last week. YUM! This feast photo is a reminder to me that I have everything I could wish for- my wealth of friends, family and the happiness that comes from this blessing. Happy New Year, I think its gonna be a good one!