something new! tiny leaf necklace

tiny leaf necklace
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I can never decide if I want huge or tiny jewelry. I like them both. I want clunky chunky baubles, I want teeny tiny charms. Here's something new for summertime, a simple, organic, understated charm.

P.M.C. is 99.9% pure silver (more pure than sterling even) that looks like white clay while I'm sculpting it, but once fired the organic binder is burned out leaving one the purest silver to wear. I have to sculpt the shapes, sand, file, and drill it. I then fire it with a torch until the binder is burned out. I then brush it with a steel brush and sand it with fine paper until smooth. I like to hammer the jump rings to add texture.

Pmc is really inspiring to me, it just feels like 'possibility', not being boxed in at all. If you ever want to try it and have questions, ask away, I will share what I know so far!

Q's & A's Below!

Candace says:
I love it! I've always wanted to try it, but I think I would like to take a class rather than investing in all the supplies. I jump in head first way too much and end up with lots of supplies I never touch again. :)

Candace, I am the same way! I have a lot of extra supplies. But you never know what you will love! Classes are a great idea. The most expensive part is the silver, the price is high- and rising. Sterling is about $19.50 an OUNCE today, and this is more pure than sterling. The little brick of pmc is currently about $60- $80 (depending on source) but you can get a lot of little things out of it for sure. If you are selling your pieces, they can pay off the block of clay quickly. Then you have a little freedom to try something wild with the clay!
I use a torch, even though I own a kiln for glass work. You can go the cheaper route with a butane torch which works great. A little bit of sanding paper, a wire bristle brush, maybe a few dentist tools or some cheap silverware to carve shapes. I use a ziplock bag as a work surface.
The startup cost is pretty cheap, if you can wrap your head around the silver price first.


this moth fluttered onto my doorstep today!

real moth
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He is so fluffy and furry I wanted to cuddle up with him! (well, you know, as much as YOU would want to cuddle up with a furry moth)

When we found him, we made sure NOT to touch it with our fingers, because of all the fluff/fur he is made out of. He was very still, enough to worry us for a bit, but with a blade of grass we were able to coax him to flutter onto a shady part of the grass, and away form the doorstep. I have never seen a moth like this before, its such a gorgeous mix of colors.
He has already flown away!


Etsy Homepage featured me on their birthday!

...and I sold the featured pocket mirror to bring me to 2,500 sales!

What milestone!
It's funny though, because every sale on Etsy is like my first- I see there's something missing from the shop, I RACE to the sold orders page, its like Christmas. Every - single- time.
Thank you to YOU for supporting my etsy shop!


Springtime Giveaway - Popko + The Owls = Free Glitter Pop Ring!

Noel Vallens photo via The Owls Are Not What They Seem

Noel Vallens + Joelle Van Dyne have an incredible fashion blog over at The Owls are Not What They Seem. A long time ago Noel purchased a ring from my shop like any other buyer...but then-

I first spotted my Antique Glitter Pop ring on the blog and freaked about how THRILLING it was to see a FASHION WRITER + MY RING, out in public, looking fabulous and online for the world to see. Yes, I was psyched.
Since then, she has fallen in love with the accessory (!) and used it to accent her amazing wardrobe combinations and been so lovely to give credit where it was due. Thank you.

She is so stylish, being the model in most of the posts, and has such an easy glam, she makes it look easy to be gorgeous! Something we can all learn to do.

Recently she was asked to be a guest blogger on the Anne Taylor LOFT blog (yes! Another total surprise & THRILL! ), and gave a shout out to my ring, with an incredible photo to boot.
(click link to read her post)

And if it couldnt get any better, shes now hosting the


on her blog. It runs from today, June 4th -Friday, June 11th,
when a winner will be chosen from the comments.

Noel Vallens photo via live.love.LOFT


NEW in the shop...Butterfly wing CUFFLINKS!

Can you tell I'm excited? These have been on my 'bridal list' for ages, I'm very happy to
1. have finally made them
2. have amazing photos of them for the shop. It's not easy!

(Here's a little secret, the shirt in the pictures is just a regular shirt. shhHHH!!) I had to pretend its a French cuff for the photo shoot. Next trip to the store, and I'm going to get a nice crisp white one ready for my next wedding event so I can dress up my date! (and have a new model to sport some around my pals). Find them in the jewelry section of my shop.

What do you think?