Quick Look- make, make, make..... pocket mirrors galore & a rainbow!

It's that time of year, where I don't have much more going on besides making and selling and Holiday shows. A few more weeks and I will have some time to decorate my home and enjoy the glittery goodness of the Season.

Until then, here's a quick look as to what I'm doing today (among a list of things not as colorful)...

Pocket mirrors! I hand cut each paper disc, because frankly, I didn't want to spend $250 on a paper punch. Plus I watch tv in the morning when I drink my tea & coffee, and can cut my little papers then. It never seems like work when I do it that way. I am making paper lace designs today. I think these are so feminine and delicate and pretty.

I am going to be first promoting them as stocking stuffers and hostess gifts, then later bridal gifts, like for bridesmaids and gift bags etc. They will be in full swing by Valentines Day and Mothers Day. I know its hard for you to think that far, but I have to.
Winter weddings, lacy and pretty, for sure!
Lace is a trend right now, and Im glad I have something that happens to fit right in!

I will also have custom color listings in the etsy shop, which is why I took these photos. I was so tickled when I discovered the little pinwheel shape I could make with my discs!

I'm so easy to please.


HAPPY CYBER MONDAY and a FREE pocket mirror!

Cyber Monday is like Black Friday..ONLINE! I've got a special in my shop to celebrate the craze! I love a good deal, so why not GIVE one?

For EVERY item purchased from my shop you will receive a FREE pocket mirror.
This is endless, so stock up on your goodies and get some stocking stuffers and hostess gifts while you're at it!

Offer ends at midnight tonight, so RUN to THE SHOP!!
(okay, click, not run, you don't even need to get out of your jammies.)



How To : Remove tarnish from your silver jewelry, with chemical free, eco-friendly kitchen ingredients.

Tarnished silver jewelry. FIX IT! How? Grab a few kitchen ingredients and you are on your way to shiny and new looking silver!
Sterling silver is mostly pure, but it also has other metals in it. It is usually stamped with the .925 symbol indicating sterling. This means that it is .925% silver, and .075% something else, another metal. Basically, when silver comes in contact with the elements it can tarnish (oxidize) and turn a myriad of colors. For example, when I go to the beach for a length of days, I notice my silver gets raggedy looking sooner than when I am in my dry home. Keeping your metals in a ziplock baggie will prevent the elements from doing this for a little longer as well. Jewelers also offer special bags or even acid free tissue to store your goodies in. If you notice, some of your silver will tarnish at different rates as well, but theres no way for us regular ol' people to know what that extra metal in our silver is. So when you Do happen across a tarnish-happy item, this is a great way to solve it in an eco-friendly way.

Here's a great way to make a chemical free potion that will instantly ZAP the tarnish off your silver. I love this method because my polishing cloth cant reach into the crevaces of chain links, and this can.

What you need:
boiled water
ceramic or glass bowl (not metal)

aluminum foil (a few inches, not that much)

baking soda

1.First, boil a few cups of water.

2.Prepare your bowl. Put the foil into the bottom of the bowl, in a little square, just so you can lay your jewelry on top of it.

3. Put a few teaspoons of baking soda onto the foil. I don't measure, and probably use waaay too much. The ratios here have never affected my outcome.
(see how brown, reddish the chain is? yuk!)

4. Put your jewelry on top of the baking soda (or near it as you can see in the photo).

5. Pour the hot water over the whole thang.

(under steaming hot water)

6. KABLAM! Instant, and I mean, INSTANTLY the silver should look silver again.

The tarnish should disappear. If its still a little discolored, you can wiggle the bowl a little to work it in. Dont rub the baking soda on your items though since it can scratch it if its not dissolved.

7. Wash your jewelry with clean water. The baking soda leaves it a little slimy.

(drying on a paper towel)


note: dont try this on metals you are unsure of. dont try this if there are components you are unsure of i.e. wood, stones, etc. okay, just had to say that. i bet if you google this, someone else will answer all the q's I havent answered here.

Look at this AWESOME comment I received about this post!

Blogger Lisa B said...

Thanks to you, I've now cleaned 22 necklaces, 6 bracelets and 10 pairs of earrings this evening. Who knew a few simple ingredients would clean some of the items that have been making me crazy trying to detarnish? You're a genius. Or at least a good passer-alonger. ;)
HURRAH! Thanks LisaB


Show time! Shop Western Mass for the Holidays

If I'm not in my studio, you can find me here!

Apple Pie Festival Southampton, MA Nov 21, 9-2pm
(nice community show with lots of raffles all day, fresh pies and kids events plus- my mom is at her own table next to mine!)

Bizarrest Little Snowflake Bazaar Amherst, Ma Dec 5, 9-4pm
(with great live music in a cozy venue, beautiful show)

stART at the Station Worcester, MA Dec 6

Stars & Skulls Hadley, MA Dec 13, 10-5pm
(hip and crafty, benefits the roller derby, fun day, lots of cool stuff)

On December 14th, Im guessing, I will be found in bed, or getting a massage, or cooking soup and relaxing next to the fireplace with a glass of wine, no, bottle of wine and gorgeous assistant john, and hopefully after all of this, it will be fancy soup....


3 Day SALE on Magnetic Glass Lockets + New Pocket Mirrors!

November 11-14, Magnetic Glass Lockets are only $23 (reg $28ea), so GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT! These usually sell like hot cakes, so get yours at a steal just in time for Holiday gift giving. They work for everyone because you can personalize whatever goes inside.

MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS get two extra special deals involving butterfly jewelry AND pocket mirrors...OOH LALA! What could it be? Join the list on the top left of the page to find out.
hint: it involves FREE stuff. YEAH!

New Butterfly Wing POCKET MIRRORS (yes, cool) are now in the shop! I'm still pressing more and more and more and more, so keep an eye out for your favorite. These are awesoem stocking stuffers and girlfriend gifts. That's why they come in a little drawstring pouch!


Sneak Peek! New Butterfly Wing Things! and a lobster pot christmas tree...

Holy toldeo, this is going to be a good one! I'm releasing them next week but couldn't wait to show off the firsties of the batch.

Real Butterfly wing pocket mirrors. YES!
I have to price them out, take photos for the shop, and make enough for the show next week.
(Have I mentioned that yet?)

Right now I have to put work away and get PACKING! Where am I going?
Truro, of course. o the tip of the state for the weekend!
I'm going to the Cape to build the Lobster Pot Christmas Tree in Provincetown, MA.

(base layer of the 2008 tree, note the trailer full inthe background)

Its my dads project, and the family builds it together. He makes the topper, which is a whopper of a topper if you ask anyone. This is the 5th or 6th year we've done it. After this weekend I will remember how many. In any case, its BIG- both in size and impact and BIG on love! We love doing it, the town loves it, win win.
Updates about the big build after the weekend. Ciao!

(cant resist putting a bow on the 3 year old. 2008 tree pre-topper)

oh yeah, and theres a live webcam too! I'll plug in the link in the morning so you can watch me climb and stack about 80+ lobster traps into a pyramid formation. What are YOU doing this weekend?

One weeek 'till TWIST!

yes, yes, I'm in the show!

yes, yes, it's very very good!

click on any image to visit the website


Quick Look - blue morpho butterfly wing

This is one of the best ways I've captured this pendant. What do you think?
I'm going to be a little scarce this week due to a biggie show coming up (that and 5 more after that!). Thought I'd show you what I did today and also mention once more that there's still a sale coming up. Its not going to be everything, but it will be good! Oh- and Ive decided that one half of it will be for MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS ONLY! So look left <-- and sign up!


Martha Stewart Craft Room Contest!

image via martha stewart contest courtesy of bluepoppyjewelry

Show her your craft room! I know you all have one..so now all you have to do is wash those 12 old coffee mugs lying around, open the curtains, scrub your desk, take out the trash, move the newsprint off the floor, wrangle your paintbrushes, replace the tape, water the plant, hang pretty spools of ribbon somewhere, recycle the beer bottles, hide away the candy wrappers, put out something that looks crafty, and take a photo. Easy peasy!

image: bluepoppyjewelry studio

Marthas got a contest that ends 11/11/09. I don't know the prize or the real details, but even if you dont want to enter, but like to look at everyones craft rooms like me, head here. And also click here to see all the pretty rooms (entires) to inspire you to get a cleanin'.

Your Crafts Room

"Martha created a crafts room in her attic where
she keeps all of her crafts supplies organized.
Where do you create your projects? Share
your own creative refuge now!"

Deadline: 11/11/09

ps- theres only 58 submissions, and it looks to me like there a lot of room left for your studio to win! (unless I beat you to it!)


Thursday Three! (friday edition)

This weeks top picks for the Thursday Three! I thought I would pick the ones that went well with the fall theme & holiday feel that I'm gearing up for lately. Enjoy!

Ruby Red Glitter Slippers by lilcubby

These little slippers are adorable. Thats it, adorable. Imagine these at thanksgiving, and every dinner party after that!

Fall in Love by Retrofied

This bag is perfect! I've actually seen these bags first hand, as I had ordered a few for my friends last year as bridesmaids gifts. I got the ones that were reversible (yes she has reversible bags!) and it was really well made and the perfect size for everything. The best part about gift-giving and being reversible, is that you double your chances of them loving the pattern. Right? I just wish I had my own! Go get yours now.

Wedding Tree Genealogy Chart by melangerienyc

Look closely at this gorgeous soon-to-be heirloom piece. It shows whos related to the bride and groom with a color key. This would work for any season, but these orange and pink leaves really tickle me.


Quick look: Leaves Leaves Leaves!

photo above taken at the 'dinosaur footprints' in holyoke/ wave o'saurus (a kayaking playspot on the CT river)

Its the peak of autumn around here and I cant help but post a few more amazing leafy photos. I sold out of my newest leaf necklaces already, after being featured on the Etsy front page.
(Thank You!) I think I'm on a roll now!

photo above, Japanese maple in full color in front of my house,
below, collected fallen leaves, ready to be dried

I'm happy I've been out hiking and collecting and preserving leaves for the past four weeks. I realize that as the leaves change, I can get entirely new colors on one kind of tree to make more necklaces. I think these are going to go like hot cakes at my next show in two weeks. My newest necklaces will have pinks, reds, yellows, orange, brown and green.

Three new swans have taken to my front yard, a little pond. How long will they hang around? They are so massive, I thought they were swimming next to baby ducks but it turns out they were adult ducks, dwarfed by these massive birds. Silly me.
That's my quick look today, back into the studio to prepare for my big show.
Get ready its a good one... TWIST!

If you want to have fun, head here:

"Twist is a fresh kind of fair, showcasing original handmade goods and art from 60 talented vendors. Save the dates for an exciting feast of shopping and fun!"

Northampton Center for the Arts
17 New South Street
Northampton, MA USA

November 13 - 14, 2009

Fri 6 - 9 pm, Sat 10 am - 6 pm


this makes me sing!

this makes me sing!
Originally uploaded by PoPkO!
my inspiration lately, the trees are at their peak! this is a japanese maple outside my front door. today they were in full color, amazing.

(click on the photo to see my flickr photo page)


New in the SHOP! Real Leaf Necklaces & Holiday Glass

Quick little update with some autumn flavored goodies!

Also... getting ready for the holidays with colorful glass pendants full of cheer!

Aaaaand...one more little note- a fall sale is on its way! Follow my blog to be the first to get in on the details. Join my mailing list (above left) to get subscriber ONLY additional discounts. YAY!

Details coming soon....

Before & After - Painting "the shed"

I am a HUGE fan of before & after's. I can't get enough of them, whether its a home remodel, hair makeover, upcycling, wardrobes, painting...anything- I want to see it! So when I took on a painting project with my sister this summer, I made sure to snap a pic to see how it improved.

Theres a communal storage and laundry shed at the little place that my family stays at in the summer. Its been an eyesore for..ever. It sort of started blending in and no one really noticed how bad it was. You know, when you don't see things that are right in front of you for too long?

Well, my sister wanted to go nautical, since its on the beach. Good idea, but the navy we had planned was too dark. The red door would have been amazing and the white would've gotten a little bit dirty after a while. So we ditched the nautical.
Pastels are easy on the eyes, but are too "Golden Girls". This isn't Miami, its Cape Cod.

We decided on this:
Above: My golden girl, with a gorgeous sunshine yellow and blue
Below: The halfway point... little helper and dad drawing the dividing line with a level. The buoys were all faded and my sister re-painted them ALL with bright fun colors.

Above: what you don't see is the fish pond that we extracted and replaced with a lobster trap. The pond served as a place for fish to die, and wiffle balls to live.
We thought the trap was a good solution.


We still havent put the buoys and decorations up properly, thats another day. I think this came out great, and its definately CHEERY now.

What do you think?
Comment with your B&A project links too!


Monarch butterfly rings, photo styling

monarch butterfly rings
Originally uploaded by PoPkO!
New Props! I'm trying out a new look for the shop, I just need props that will work all year round. These autumn leaves are pretty now, but wont last very long. What do you think?

How to View Your Favorite Blogs in Google Reader!

WOW! I figured something out today. Maybe you already know this, but I just learned how to view my favorite blogs, or "Blogs I'm following" in a fancy schmancy (easy peasy) way called Google Reader.
It just eased my world of reading!!

Viewing the blogs your following in Google Reader allows you to open all blogs at once, on one page. You can choose to read one particular blog or all updated blogs at once.
NOTE: This is for blogspot/blogger users, I dont know how this works for others.

First, go to your blogspot dashboard.
Scroll down to your usual Reading List.
At the bottom, choose "View in Google Reader" as in the photo below.

This will bring you to a page tat looks like this:

As you can see, above, the left column has ways to divide your view. You can choose many different ways to read.

Click on the arrow (where I marked with an orange arrow) to close the left column and you get this full page:

You can read in full screen individual blogs or the most recent post of all of the ones youre following. Genius!

Since it took me about two years to notice this option (yeah, I know), I thought I'd share it with others. Its a very simple thing that will make my life easier, and hopefully yours as well!

Do YOU have any more tips or tricks that I dont know? Does this work for you in other programs? Ive never explored it before. Share your ideas here!


Going once..going twice...three times..SOLD to the HIGHEST BIDDER!!

The Easthampton Bearfest charity auction was a total SUCCESS!
Thursday was an amazing day for my bear (and me of course), with my bear being auctioned off for the HIGHEST BID of the evening.
Holy Toledo! Exclamation point!!

Its true, though I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Its such an honor to know that someone valued both the Easthampton City Arts and my artwork together to make such a great contribution to the program. Thank you!

Here's a video of the actual auctioning of MY bear. It was thrilling, the auctioneer was the real deal, and really knew how to read people and make it a fun event.

video footage by Patrick Brough

You can see me at the very end in red (maybe the 2:20 mark) jumping up and cheering. I feel like I was actually doing high kicks and cartwheels at the time, but when I look at the footage, I don't see the marching band that I thought had paraded through at the time. Funny, eh? All of the artists get a portion of the final bidding price, which is definately cause to jump up and down.

Heres a fantastic article that was published by Patrick for masslive news on Friday. You can even see a huge ol' photo of me posing with my bear for the last time. Bittersweet. It was a great challenge for me with an incredible outcome.

This weekend I celebrated with a gorgeous autumn hike on Skinner Mountain in Amherst, MA.

Im a big fan of the self-timer.