The Perfect GIFT!

I want to promote the fabulously talented Monique Leon of gurlygirl fame. Shes an artist in New Orleans, making beautiful things in her home studio for more than 17 years.

Shes got some amazing GIFTS in her shop right now, for both men and women.
Lets get right to it and show off her goodies!

Crowned Fleur d lis pendant $38

Happiness Bracelet $36

Monique can customize these bangles with words to give them an extra special meaning. These are great for mothers, grandmothers and hipsters.

Visit her shop, send her a message...Have FUN shopping!



Im going to be in my first super BIG craft show!

stART on the street

I was accepted today and now I've got 18 days to plan. Oh DEAR! What to do? I started planning out the space design already. Its a 10x 10 square to do with it as I wish. Ive shared my space before, but never had to fill it up myself! I think I can do it. I've got lots of inventory. And I have a a lot of new designs in the works too. Heres a few new things:

But this sure isnt going to hold me over for 7 hours...or the 7,000 passersby!

The Boston Pops Holiday Concert is performing that afternoon, expecting 7,000 people! Theres going to be 7,000 people in the building near MY artwork! I don't know if they are all coming to my booth, but they are all invited.

It looks like a pretty big space, to say the least.
Thanks to 3CatNite for the images.

I'll keep you updated on the booth design plans, signs and banners. For now I think Im going to scroll through the Flickr pool of craft show displays to get some ideas. I think Flickr is such a great resource for inspiration.

Gorgeous AND Handmade

There's a brand new shop that I need to hoot and holler about!

~lilybird designs~

Cozy Handwoven Scarflette $18.00

Its got a fresh clean feeling with girlie accents. Everything is handmade and you can tell it was made with love. The whole shop looks delicious!

Mint Drop Earrings $8.50

Stop over and see what else lilybird makes... shes got beautiful cards, gift tags and other fabulous cozies. HOOT HOOT HOLLER HOLLER!

Oh, and we happen to be cousins, so I think crafty runs in our blood. Way to go!


~Support Independent Artists~

Have a Handmade Holiday!
If you enjoy my glass work, or ANY glass artform, you can visit the Etsy Glass Artists GIFT GUIDE, for one stop shopping. This guide breaks it down for you, whether you are shopping for HIM, for TEENS, for HOME products, or anyone; this will help you get there quickly!


I'm Featured on the Etsy.com Homepage!

It's always FANTASTIC to be recognized by a major player in the arts industry!

Thank you TeriPersing for curating the homepage list. See her work at her shop on Etsy.


Cranberry Picking!

Walking to the secret cranberry hiding spot... and walking and walking...
Checking the color and ripeness.
Don't tell anyone where they are!

The first fresh berries of the season!

Time to make cranberry sauce!


Poll Results Necklace vs. Pendants

*Poll Results*
Do you buy necklaces/pendants online?
129 votes
yes, just necklaces ........13 (10%)
yes, just pendants .........16 (12%)
yes, i buy both ...............81 (62%)
no ..................................19 (14%)
Are you more likely to buy a pendant if it comes on a chain?
130 votes
yes ...............................43 (33%)
no ................................38 (29%)
depends on the price ...49 (37%)

How much would you spend on a fused glass pendant WITH a chain?
107 votes
$10 - $15 ........12 (11%)
$15 - $20 .......30 (28%)
$20 - $25 .......39 (36%)
$25 - $30 .......26 (24%)

How much would you spend on a fused glass pendant WITHOUT a chain?
107 votes
$10 - $15 ..........43 (40%)
$15 - $20 ..........45 (42%)
$20 - $25 ..........16 (14%)
$25 - $30 ...........6 (5%)

What size pendants do you like?
113 votes
Really HUGE ..........16 (14%)
Large .......................21 (18%)
Medium ..................67 (59%)
Small ......................22 (19%)
Teeny Tiny ...............3 (2%)

Who do you buy necklaces/pendants for?
61 votes
myself ....................21 (34%)
other people ............5 (8%)
both .......................35 (57%)

THANK YOU everyone who took the poll on necklaces vs. pendants!
Since it was such a success, and super help to me, Ive chosen a name from the 69 people who posted in the etsy voting thread, and the comments in the post below.
The winner is.........prettyinpaper!
I'm sending you a Fused Glass Pendant! Ooh la la!


POLL: Necklace vs. Pendant

I've got a POLL!

<-------To the left are several poll questions about my fused pendants/ necklaces.
Please help me figure out what YOU want from my shop. I'll post the results here when its over. Please vote and help me give you everything youve ever wanted....in a necklace! THANK YOU FOR VOTING!
Everyone voting will be in a drawing to win one of my glass goodies. Post here to enter: etsy voting thread. Or leave a comment below, and you will be entered as well.

Stormy Day

Yesterday I had to keep taking photos of the light outside. It was such a gorgeous windy day out here. It would rain and then the sun would come out, then sprinkle, then sun..
It ended with a gorgeous glowing sunset. Im very lucky.


Just wanna show off for a second....

I came in 5th at the annual "Skillet Toss".

You can see, in this ridiculous photograph, the skillet Im hurling here, about 10 feet in front of me. Its a heavy cast iron pan. I went to a small town fair just north of me, and this is apparently what they do for competitions. Its awsome! I also got to see an owl, pet the farm animals and eat real maple cotton candy. Behind me is the remains of the log chopping contest. Simple pleasures.
note: i think i deserve 1st place for effort, just LOOK at me!


Meet me at the INDIEPUBLIC!

I work hard at keeping up with all this internet stuff. It seems though, that it is really endless, this web of connections you could possibly make.

I think this is a good one to have though, a little Indiepublic page. Its a great place to continue networking with other artists, designers, makers and people interested in the same things.

Visit mine to see what its all about!
Now on Indiepublic : everything fabulous to make your eyes POP!


Gorgeous Products

I wanted to point out that taking your time to make your products look as fantastic as possible really matters. Look at this list of GORGEOUS things from Etsy. I made it with the Etsy Poster Sketch Tool. Love it! What could look like an ordinary bar of soap turns into a spa fantasy. Really.



Once again I've got a BIG show to do. YAY! This week has been BUSY!!

Heres some photos of what Im getting ready to sell. Ive made tons of new fused glass fancies, lavender sachets, and mosaic do-dads. Its all crazy right now so I cant even describe things properly. If you've ever done a craft show you'll know exactly how I feel today. The show is tomorrow. CRUNCH TIME!

This is a batch of glass that is prepared to get fired in my kiln. They are tiny pieces that are meant for earrings and rings. I stack the glass and heat it until it melts together to form one little drop.

This is what came out of the kiln after firing, and I matched up the cabachons that were the same sizes. These will all be earrings. GORGEOUS!

At some point I will grind a few of the edges and refire them to become smooth again. Others are prefect as they are and will onyl have to grind the back where I will adhere them to earring posts. The colors of dichroic glass are so glowy. I think I'm addicted.

My little lavender soldiers are all lined up and ready for ribbon! I took a photograph of a black and white butterfly wing, and made an iron-on transfer on my computer. I cut them up and ironed them onto muslin bags. I filled those with the lavender I have in my Etsy shop and...viola! I think I will have to take this fabulous idea (if I do say so myself) and bring it to the next level for christmas time gifts, and to sell in my shop. They just seem perfect for little stuffers, housewarming, baby baskets etc. I love them!


Trunk Show at the Truro Vineyards!


August 30, 2007

Youre invited to visit my two sisters and I selling our handmade artwork, jewelry, and gifts. Have a glass of wine and a fabulous tour of the vineyard too!

The Truro Vineyard is a gorgeous little winery that hides in North Truro, on Cape Cod.
The first seeds were planted in the early 1990's, and it has become one of the treasures on the outer Cape.
Edward Hopper found inspiration here in 1930 and painted the "Rich's House" which still sits as a centerpiece of the vineyard.

Im picturing that we'll be somewhere under that beautiful tree. I feel like I should wear something billowy and speak with a breathy 1940's moviestar tone. Or beach knickers and carrying a basket of grapes on my side. Its going to be a fabulous day!

featured artists: me- popko.etsy.com, my sister-gurlygirl.etsy.com and my other sister who will be opening her etsy shop next spring!



I feel like summer just began. What a whirlwind!
My summertime studio is set up in a tiny room in an itty bitty cottage on the beach with my whole family re: tons of us. Im in full swing but others are starting to wind down for another season.

Its August already?
This looks like a pretty lazy afternoon in front of my house.....but...once a week, this picnic table is covered with cloth, and a big 10 foot tent shelters a CRAFT SALE!
Two of my sisters and I set up out here, flyer the beach and sell our jewelry, lavender, crafts, and all handmade artwork.
One of them is Monique a.k.a. GurlyGirl on Etsy! The other one will be on etsy by the end of the year (you hear that sis!?).



Were at it again! The Etsy Glass Artists are all working together to throw
the biggest sale of the season!

June 16-23 2007
Buy an item and get a second item of equal or lesser value for half price!
Just enter the code: SOLSTICE during checkout.
Visit any of the participating shops to see the 1,000's of items that are on sale.
Thanks to liskidder for making the great flashy flash on the EGA website.


Now Accepting Promos & Samples

Hi there!
I ship out Etsy orders everyday. This is an opportunity to have your goods included in my outgoing packages. I'm looking for your promotional items/samples to send out with my orders. If you would like to send me anything, just convo me through my etsy shop, or tell me youre interested here and I will let you know where to send them.

-At this time, I still have PLENTY of business cards from other sellers, so im not accepting business cards without a coupon or sample.

-The most successful promos have your name on them, a business card and a sample of your work. A business card with a discount attached is also okay, but I would like to make sure that its quite indicative of what you make.

-Some other ideas for promo materials are: buttons, magnets, stickers, bookmarks, soap samples, postcards, paper products, a sample of your product, coupons, pens, ANYTHING that tells people that they should visit your shop!

This is what I have to send out, along with other samples from Etsy shops, and business pens! OOH! These little lavender sachets make a big impact:



Readymade Magazine has a digest inserted in their new summer issue.

IM IN IT! The digest is "a survey of goods made by you", all handmade goods that is. My Real Buterfly Wing Necklaces are featured there, and theres going to be some crazy 400,000 of these printed up. I better get crackin'!

(click on images to head over to the online version)

They're selling quickly, and I'm already feeling the pull. Tricky thing is, the pendants are sensitive pieces to make. That makes them very special, but it also takes the right conditions to produce them! I love the details and science of making each one. I wrote a bit about the secret of getting these delicate wings, which is an adventure in itself. Im very, very, super duper excited about this. It's a big step for me, in the direction I want to head. Heres a close up of the ad:

I'm going to be a busy bee working in my studio. Luckily its my favorite thing to do!

ps- I take custom orders!


SIGN UP! My fabulous newsletter.

My very first newsletter is coming out soon!
Yes, its late, but I've been working hard on my work and etsy shop. To make up for the lost time, Im going to double double your delightment!

Heres a few things that you will see in the newsletter:

-News (well I already told the world about readymade, but theres always something happening here at PoPkO!)

-Specials (subscriber only specials and coupons, deals for the month too!)

-Monthly Drawing! I put all the names of my mailing list subscribers into a drawing. Once a month when it comes out I pick a subscriber to receive a fancy product from my shop! THIS time I will PICK TWO!!!

Photo of the type of fused pendants that I am giving away!

This month Im giving away TWO!

Join my mailing list to receive the newsletter and all its goodies.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to find it


Etsy Glass Artists ROCK!

Amy Keith made this great collage featuring the works of EGA members.
We're a fantastic group of glass artists from Etsy that work together to promote each other and our love of glass. I absolutely LOVE being a member, and having such an enthusiastic and supportive group of people to work with and talk shop!

EGA is a glass artist collective, comprised of glass fusers, glass blowers, lampworkers and stained glass artisans dedicated to fostering an appreciation for the handmade glass arts.