I live in Western Mass and work full time on my jewelry in my home studio. I grew up here in a huge, loving, wicked fun and funny family. I'm the youngest of 5 sisters, and we all share the creative and entrepreneurial spirit. I earned a Fine Arts degree in Sculpture in 2000.

When the steel, plaster, cement and welding supplies wouldn’t fit in my space, my work got smaller...and smaller. Until I found my passion of adorning people with natural jewels.
Working primarily with natural elements- hand fused glass, silver, butterfly wings, leaves and tree bark, I create pieces that preserve each elements’ natural beauty while showcasing my love of color.

I sell my work online, at several boutiques and at craft shows year ‘round.

On my days off, I can be found walking in the woods hoping to spot a moose, supporting my sporty husband at a kayak race, helping my dad install his newest public art project, or laughing hysterically with my sisters. I’m pretty happy.

I have several permanent public sculptures on my list of things Ive done and have plenty more to go. 
Currently, I have been selected as a 2012 Bear Fest Artist for the City of Easthampton, MA. This is my second time working with the Easthampton City Arts to adorn a fiberglass bear with my mosaic work.
In 2009 I decorated my first bear, which raised over $5000.00 at auction- for the City Arts, local arts programs, and schools (total raised was over $60,000!).
See the 2009 photo progress here.

I will be posting my progress once I begin work- the opening reception for all the bears is June 9th.