Spring stART on the Street 2012 - from storms to sunshine & shoppers!

After being postponed a week due to predicted storms, this was my first springtime "stART" and it was a success!  In their 10 years they've had a rain date in place, but never actually had to use it..until now! This is actually why I do apply to this show. With outdoor events that don't have a rain date- and do rain- the vendors just lose their money. That's it, you lose your booth fee and you don't get a planned paycheck. Its totally depressing. BUT- but! stART on the Street is an outdoor show that has this, its rare and wonderful. This year it worked in my favor. 

 I've decided that I need a little more something in my booth if I do more outdoor shows. A big sign in the back, or draping fabric or some kind of color in the background. Large photographs are probably the best idea. I just don't know how many outdoor shows I want to do this year. Maybe 3? Is that worth investing in some more oomph?

As always (I've done a few fall and winter shows with them), it was well organized, full of positive energy and had a ton of shopping traffic. A vendors dream!
They were in a new location this year- I don't know much about Worcester so I didn't know if it was going to affect the show.  Would people still go? Would it be as grand? Yes. 

 I didn't plan on doing this 'stART' because of a graduation party. Turns out the party wasn't even on that day! I thought I had missed a spring show opportunity, I was totally disappointed- especially because my sister was going.

AnnMarie's table, photography and mixed media home decor.

Two weeks before the show, they posted on facebook that there were a few more spaces available (cancellations etc).  I knew I was available by then and snapped up the chance to apply. I WAS IN!! What a rush! I felt like I won the lottery...or at least a paycheck!

I couldn't really venture off to see all the performers or musicians or art projects for kids, but luckily some were traveling down the street!

 Lots of people shopping- they were all really nice, interested and appreciative of creative businesses. I also got to meet up with two of my past clients. That was really a highlight of my day. Both purchased a new piece from me- a feather in my cap!

Across the way is a really cool craft show friend- we've been at a few of the same shows in the past few years.

 My first attempt at taking a photo of Chrissy Ann Ceramics was foiled by this giant pig on wheels!

 Chrissy Ann Ceramics was doing double duty! She had her sisters goods there along with her own, while her work was also being sold in Providence at a show- double booked because of the weather. She had just come from a show the day before, too, I don't know how she stayed so bright and lovely all day but she did. I just learned that she just recently took her ceramics business on FULL TIME! Congratulations!! This is great news, because the world could use her products- literally! Theres a dish she has with such a gorgeous finish on it-

She also gave me some snap peas to plant, someone shared with her, she shared with me. Thank you!

Town Farm Gardens LLC was my show neighbor. Laurie makes home-made pickles and jams out of Brookfield, MA. It's hard being next to that kind of delicious looking stuff all day! I lent them a wall to hang behind their table so as not get so much sun in their booth. At the end of the day I was going to buy something, finally, after drooling all day, and they gave me a jar of their hot pepper jelly for borrowing the tent wall. YAY! It was gone in three days. I'm not kidding. I couldn't stop. Unfortunately there's no website, so I have no idea how you can get some too.

Below is how it all begins and ends on a craft show day. Heavy lifting and a long ride home.

Actually, it usually ends with a cocktail!