Seconds Sale!

The secrets OUT! I wanted to tell everyone right away, but I am loyal to my mailing list subscribers. Im having a HUGE SECONDS SALE!! I sent them this message out this morning via email, to give them a head start and choose what they wanted FIRST.

So far, its been a HUGE success, and its only been 1 hour and 45 minutes into the sale. WOW!

Thank you to all my LOYAL buyers, also..who RAN to the shop and scooped up a bunch to start. This is the message they got early today...with plenty of time to get their typing/checkout mouse ready!

Visit the PopkoShop @ 2pm EST to be the first to get the discounted goodies. The "seconds sale" begins today, lasts one week only, and I'm not having another one until 2010! WOO! Items start at $6, and are limited. Have fun shopping!
If youre feeling like "wahhh, I want to be the first to know next time", it's easy, just sign up for my mailing list on the left side..yeah, over there. Easy peasy.
Now head over to the PopkoShop to see all the insane deals. I am exhausted, I hadn't realized how hard it was to get 40 listings ready all at once..PHEW!


I caught a baby bear!

Dear {PoPkO},
Congratulations! You have been selected to be an artist in the Easthampton Bear Fest 2009! Your design "Hiding Bear" was chosen from among 129 artists' submissions from around the region and Easthampton City Arts couldn't be more thrilled to work with you on this amazing city-wide public art project!

Ahhhh! I'm SO excited! The website showed the most amazing entries at their 'welcome the bears' party, I was SURE I couldn't compete. I am so HAPPY! I proposed to do both a mama & baby bear, and got a baby all for myself. I am so happy happy happy I can't wait to start. All I have to do is fill out some forms, catch my baby bear and start fusing some glass. Oh, and accept. YES!

This will also be a fun thing to share on the blog here. You can follow me through it all. Cp


Contest! Name my little monsters.

These are my newest little adorables! They are like little glitter monster. They are a form of the glitter pop rings that I currently carry in the shop. These will be rings also, possibly other products as well, bit I'm starting them out as rings. These aren't ready to go out just yet. I still need to grind the edges, finish them off and add the ring base. I also have different designs coming out, with matching eye sizes and multiple eyes and dont forget the cyclops. I can't help myself but show them off before they are ready. They make me smile and get all googly over them, pun intended.

SOOOOO...whats the contest? THEY NEED A NAME!

--Name my googly eyed glitter monster rings--
Yes, that seems to be a fitting name, but if you leave a comment below with your name idea and I choose it, you lose rights to the name but you WIN A RING! You can even choose the color that you want.

Currently the color choices are:
-Antique Silver
I am going to be listing them in my shop by the end of the week, but the contest will be open until I find a suitable name, (even if I list them in my shop with a fake name before that). If I choose a name that I thought of myself and DON'T choose one of your ideas, I will pick my top three from the comments below, have a short poll vote and send a prize to that winner. If there are two of the same ideas, I will put both into the drawing. (that way even if you are really not a creative thinker you can still play).

So, get your thinking caps on and get your sillies out....Let's hear your ideas in the comments below!
(note: post your comment just once and it will show up in a few hours after it gets approved, this is so those spam sites dont get in)


Bare Naked... BEARS!

This week I'm submitting my proposal and application to dress up these naked little bears. Well, mama bear is about 4.5 feet tall- baby is 2.5 feet. These are part of a public art project in the town of Easthampton, Ma. You know how some towns have moose, or cows or even whales all decorated/ painted/embellished, sitting on the sidewalks? This is one of those sorts of things.
This is fiberglass, and I have to propose how I am to decorate them. I actually still don't know what i am going to submit. Im leaning towards fused glass/ glass tile mosaic all over them. Im also considering something ridiculous like resin and glitter. I can imagine them sitting on the sidewalk sparkling. I can choose if I want both bears or just one. If accepted, they give you $500 to work with. Application have to be in by Feb 18th, so I better get working!

I once did three bus stop benches for the City of Springfield, MA, and they gave me $500 also. And when I was done, I made about $30....which I thought was a bonus! That was my first public comission, about 5 years ago. I had made three benches, they gave me the form- three sided basic bench, and I mosaiced them and molded with cement them like no other. One had two trees on each end cap, one had waterfalls, and one had mill buildings- all representative of the surroundings.
That was pretty ambitious of me, as I had never done something like that, never worked with cement on that scale- nor had I done anything that was suppose to last in the elements! Well, they are still there on Main St. in Indian Orchard (part of Spfld). They have lasted, with a little rust (from the armatures I inserted into the cement) and only one was smashed by a snowplow. But more importantly, people are still sitting on them!

How would YOU decorate these little bears?
(yes, im listening because i need ideas!!!)


Through the Looking Glass

This is the newest necklace in a collection of mirrored jewelry. Its reflective! OOH! This pendant has a mirror set into a hand poured plastic over a brushed metal disc. Its smooth, glassy & clear and the mirror is really fun to play with. You can check your teeth or light a piece of paper on fire
(I didn't suggest that, I am not liable I am not liable!!)
OR...you can reflect the light onto someone to flirty flirt with them. How about an S.O.S?

I call this Through the Looking Glass, after the Lewis Carol book, with Alice and her mirror adventures. Quite whimsical I say.


I also wanted to list this today to show everyone that the newsletter winner from this month will be wearing one of these lovelies very soon!

Congratulations to K.L. from Arizona was drawn to win the small version (seen in photo above). I hope you find something wonderful on the other side of "The Glass"!

If YOU want to join in the fun, and be entered to the monthly drawing, join my mailing list on the left column in my blog. Cheers!


Comparison Shopping

Vermeer, woman with a balance
With all the talk about the recession, how to save money, and 'what do we deserve to buy' in excess- of course I have to think about my own business. No one really needs a necklace, do they? Yes. They do. I make things that are important. Some of my works are real heirlooms and may be passed down through generations, others are hostess gifts simply made just to ignite a smile. They make people happy, and thats important to me.

So this is not a heavy post, because when discussing jewelry it should always be about how good it makes you feel whether you can afford it or not. Who hasn't gone to the jewelry store just to try on something they could never have? Its FUN!

Women have always liked to dress up. The photo above has modern day models enjoying some delights from the luxurious Boudoir Queen on etsy, which evoke another era. Oh to be wrapped up in that decadence!

Well, you CAN have the feeling of decadence without paying the price.
I actually heard the word 'recessionista' as a new term for people shopping on a budget. Its totally ridiculous to me, as only someone with way too much money would coin that. All the rest of us call 'recessionista shopping'....well, SHOPPING.

I am here to help you with some comparison shopping to make us all feel good about designer prices and handmade designer prices....

Ceil Chapman Dress $865

"HANDMADE DESIGN"Boudoir Queen Dress, less than $865.

(I crack myself up. This is in her sold section so I dont know the price. Her corsets go for about $250 though. (And this dress is clearly better.)

(warning: shameless plug ahead)


Barneys New York, $2000, yes- two grand


Yes, me! PoPkO!, $65

and why would I end the shamless plugs now, its MY blog....

"DESIGNER" Neiman Marcus Crystal Flower Ring, $245


You guessed it...PoPkO!, $8

So have fun with shopping on a budget, and when you need to get something pretty, head over to your local boutique that carries handmade things. Or head to etsy- specifically my shop, (oh no did I say that out loud?). No, I mean it. Head to etsy for ANYTHING. Even soap. Everyone needs soap. And if you dont want to splurge on a tissue box cozy, go get something that is worth spending money on- like an heirloom piece of jewelry, or a scrapbook that holds memories- things that will last. And also get some soap.

I want to thank Vermeer, for letting me post his incredible painting in a blog about shopping.


Shipping Sale

Feb. 1 - 7 2009

Hello Friends! Love is in the air here at the PopkoShop and everyone loves free shipping!
ALL jewelry is marked with free shipping all week long.
Treat yourself, buy a gift AND save money!
-ALL newsletter subscribers are also invited to the shop to choose a FREE GIFT with EVERY purchase. For example, if you buy three things, you get three gifts!
You can CHOOSE a lavender sachet, glass tile pendant or handmade valentine card. WOW!
(thank you to all the new subscribers!)
-Did you see me featured in the Etsy Finds Article? My silver glitter pop ring is now famous! These make great party favors and everyday eye candy.
-New ball chains are in the shop for only $3.50 in silver, black & brass.
-The Etsy Glass Artists have a new blog, and I am designing it with another glass artist. It's really fun to make, so take a peek- and leave a comment in the One World One Heart giveaway to win free glass jewelry. The EGA is also having mega sales in their shops this week, which are all listed HERE.
Each month I draw a name from my mailing list. Is it YOU?
-Congratulations to K.L. from Arizona. You have won the monthly drawing! Photos will be posted to my blog.
Cheers! Miss Popko


February Fling

Free Shipping SALE at the PopkoShop!

Feb 1-7

All jewelry in my shop has already been marked with free shipping, so all you have to do is BUY! Theres no codes, no revised invoices. Its easy peasy.

Join my mailing list to receive subscriber only specials.

This sale is in conjuction with the other Etsy Glass Artists. Please take time to visit their shops to see what kind of sale they are each hosting. Who's in?

POLL RESULTS - sale preferences

I hosted a short poll on this blog a few days ago. Here's the results!

What kind of sale floats your boat (items in my shop):

20% Off - 6 votes (21%)
Free Shipping - 16 votes (57%)
Buy 2 Get One Free - 2 votes (7%)
Free Gift w/ Purchase - 1 vote ( 3%)
Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off - 3 votes ( 10%)
28 voters total

57% want free shipping!
I know this was only a short poll, and really doesnt speak for everyone, but it DOES tell me something. People don't like to pay for shipping!

This is why I'm having a FREE SHIPPING SALE in my shop this week! HOORAY!

If you didn't get to take the poll when it was up, comment below and let me know YOUR favorite kind of sale. Thanks!