Quick Look- make, make, make..... pocket mirrors galore & a rainbow!

It's that time of year, where I don't have much more going on besides making and selling and Holiday shows. A few more weeks and I will have some time to decorate my home and enjoy the glittery goodness of the Season.

Until then, here's a quick look as to what I'm doing today (among a list of things not as colorful)...

Pocket mirrors! I hand cut each paper disc, because frankly, I didn't want to spend $250 on a paper punch. Plus I watch tv in the morning when I drink my tea & coffee, and can cut my little papers then. It never seems like work when I do it that way. I am making paper lace designs today. I think these are so feminine and delicate and pretty.

I am going to be first promoting them as stocking stuffers and hostess gifts, then later bridal gifts, like for bridesmaids and gift bags etc. They will be in full swing by Valentines Day and Mothers Day. I know its hard for you to think that far, but I have to.
Winter weddings, lacy and pretty, for sure!
Lace is a trend right now, and Im glad I have something that happens to fit right in!

I will also have custom color listings in the etsy shop, which is why I took these photos. I was so tickled when I discovered the little pinwheel shape I could make with my discs!

I'm so easy to please.