It's time to RELAX!

I'm so happy this year that we actually have a fireplace to decorate!
It's very cute, and I love all things that can be made into extra special events, like sitting on the floor. A fireplace surely makes that a much more special occasion. This is our first fire of the season, only because we kept forgetting that we had a fireplace. Yes, it is in the main room, front and center, but oh, I know there is no excuse. We don't have a tree this year, due to space, but this more than makes up for it. When I wake up and see this I feel like its time to celebrate, and when its night I feel warm and cuddly.
The decor:
The garland was on sale 70% off this weekend, thats the benefit of decorating late in the season! The glittery glass ornaments were a gift last year, and they are very special and will always be featured in my Holiday decor as long as I don't break them. They are so big and fragile they scare me. The stockings were decorated by each of us, decorating the others. The cute doll on the mantle is a doll my mother made named 'pepper'- she's the one opening the etsy shop called SewSoft, once she gets back from Prague...right mom? And the wonderful painting on the mantle is a permanent fixture, and is also very special to me. It was painted by Johns grandmother and was a gift to our new family. It's not only an heirloom, but incredibly
beautiful to look at everyday.

I'm an Etsy FIND!

I'm totally thrilled and honored to be 'found'! Etsy decided to write their 'daily finds' email about New Years Eve Glittery things. They chose my Antique Silver Glitter Pop Party Ring (whew!). I must admit, that it is my favorite color glitter that I have for the moment. I even had a serious phone conversation with my sister last week JUST about glitter and my silvery new one. She's a sparkly gal herself, and makes cocktail hats in New Orleans that often (if not always) feature glitttery or sparkly adornments. She sent me some lovely hologram glitter and even black glitter this week as a special treat. See, the love is real. Thank you Etsy, You made my day!
(making my week, month and year is a given)

Click HERE to read the article.
Click HERE to see all the Glitter Pop Party Rings in my shop.


FRIDAY! is that air im breathing?

I'm so happy it's Friday.

You see, Friday itself doesn't necessarily mean anything to someone who works for themselves at home. Most of the time it just means a day that everyone else starts to get happier, and people are in places that I usually am. Like the grocery or the road. Friday usually means only one half morning more of shipping on Saturday and one full day of Sunday where no one is expecting a package from me to arrive. It means that I am nearing the beginning when there was never really an end. Working at home usually means there are no days off.

This Friday though, today, means that I only have a little work to do, and only one half day left for Holiday orders to be shipped. People will start to simmer down in the shop, and I don't have to make anything new until the New Year, if I dont want to. I have made enough 'things' this year I suppose, and I'm so happy that people celebrate things at the end of the year. This allows little ol' me to celebrate too. Finally!

I'm starting to reflect, (and also project), as a lot of people do at the ends-of-years and I can't help but feel like the coming year will be one amazing-something-special-is-going-to-happen year. I don't know why my gut keeps telling me, maybe because I am finally proud of myself I guess, and I suppose it can only get better when I feel this good? I feel like I have been accomplishing things for myself- personally and with the business, and that I shouldn't even have to think about how awesome next year will be. What I will do then, is just enjoy that little jumpy feeling that tells me that things are WONDERFUL right now. I am very lucky.


1.my hand that makes everything

2.my view half the time


Little Update on Holiday Things (vague enough?)

Today is the last day of the fused glass sale!
Okay so you dont have to run, but there are still some lovelies in the shop I must say.
And if you dont need any glass...maybe you just needed a butterfly wing necklace MORE!*

*This is the most popular style this year, (glass style), next to the oval monarch design.

I have been insanely busy with butterflies this season! For the Holidays people are going bonkers for these little peices of nature. I LOVE IT!!!! I am up at night hunched over in my studio mixing and making and finishing and polishing these little delights. They have been made to order, basically because I cant get ahead of orders. I cant seem to make more than I need. But thats fine with me. I have been SOOO happy this season with my etsy shop and 6 craft shows. I feel like Ive worked harder than I ever have, and thats rewarding beyond description. This year, unlike the last two on etsy, I have decided to stop shipping on Dec 21. This is my physical reward, my Christmas present to myself (besides the stationary tape dispenser!!).

a butterfly production line photo

Also, more on 'the shop', among being busy enough to be losing sleep, I have added my newest little lovelies- the Glitter Pop Pendant. TADA!!

I like these because they aremade just 'for the fun of it'. I like the sparkle and I like to see what color combinations I come up with. They are like little candies to me, so I want to keep making more.

Back to orders now, a few more days for "the push" to continue. I cant wait to finally decorate for Christmas this weekend! (yeah i know)


BIG SALE! Dec 10-17

Take advantage of a HUGE SALE this week only!
ALL of my FUSED GLASS jewelry is marked down to $13. That means that you are saving $3- $5 on EACH item! I'm very excited about this week!

When you purchase TWO Glitter Pop rings,
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