busy bee/ busy butterfly

Ive been away working and playing. Im in Cape Cod! I packed for an 8 day trip and its turning into a 20 day trip. Good thing I brought half my studio with me.

Its been fun and BUSY! Im still trying to perfectly balance keeping up my business, selling jewelry on the pier, making new things (or collecting supplies with the intention to make new things) and spending time with my enormous family (four sisters from out of town, four neices and nephews, friends), and this week....building a carnival parade float to ride on for Thursdays parade! It never ends in the summer. There is only balance, and my daily nap (neither of which I am getting as much as I want) . I hadnt taken naps for years (though I have always always been a big fan and advocate of the nap), I find myself napping everyday at 2pm, or trying to at least. The days I cant, due to something fun happening or packing/shipping etsy things, I am in bed by 9:30pm.

These are the newest butterfly wing necklaces. It was a special custom order that is just so gorgoues when together. This is a side-by-side photo of the reverse of each pendant. There are two different wings in almost all of them, Can you find the ones that are singles wings? Its tricky because some do not look the same front to back.

SO, that is my update for now. I know Ive been neglecting the blog and updates- but its just the way summer goes. Im even considering when to close the shop for two weeks so that I can just sit down and create completely new items like earrings and etched glass works, resin castings and molds. I find that even when I put a shipping delay I still ship because I know it will be too huge of a pile of work at the end if I dotn slowly get it out the door.
It all takes time, but i think if I temporarily close the shop I might be able to hunker down and work work work. Which is actually what I love to do. See you soon!