More SNOW!

What am I up to? Here's a view out my studio window. It's nice and big and gorgeous, and is one of the reasons I can lock myself in here and work- the VIEW!

Lately the view has been pretty WHITE!

This isnt even half the snow, It looks like a dusting compared to what we've had here in Massachusetts. John decided to load up the firewood onto a sled to drag it around the house. Having a fireplace is one of my favorite features everrrrrrr. I hated when the neighbor cut his old trees down, but we got the wood!!

Also, we've got a snow cave/tunnel. Its all the sidewalk snow piled up and John, resident outdoor activity director, dug it out. This is my little niece trying it out.

What else am I doing? Making things. Orders. I have a LOT lined up. Almost too much to do. I am fortunate, but man, its a little intimidating when someone asks for 50 necklaces. WOW! So I must plug along and play in the snow a little, and work a lot. Its good, because when the weather warms up, it wont be as easy to stay inside!

I made these this week. They are all in the mail to their owners as I type!

Aaaannnd...one more thing! New in the shop, customizable little hearts. I LOVE them! They are little silver hearts that I sculpt myself, and fire. I got a new stamping set, and can hammer in and letter of the alphabet that you choose. Here you go: custom heart on etsy.

I don't want to leave you with all businessy stuff this time. Here's my snow-angel niece!