Behind the Scenes : a new model, more packaging, studio

Here's a few photos of whats going on this week! I've got a new/old model. This dress form has been in my family for many years (it says 1960 on the front), and a few wedding dresses have even been made with this gal. Shes a keeper, but I need to re-cover the form. The little black print on the neck is a little distracting for my photos, what do you think?
I'm playing with shirts for her until I make a solid cover to make her gorgeous, preferably using linen in a neutral warm color. From now on, I wont have to shower or ever get dressed again to take product shots!

The finest earl grey tea on earth (thanks sis), is an afternoon staple in the studio.

Above, packing up orders (yesterday). I've decided to go back and use the old packaging, with the printed logo paper wrapped around the box. It just seems to make them look like a gift.

I had a few more photos to share, but it's not letting me load any more for some reason, blogger is sort of glitchy. In any case, I should go back to work. I start to fade around dusk...



Originally uploaded by PoPkO!

This was sent to me to be preserved under glass for a custom order last month, from a butterfly garden in the UK. It was a gift from a boy to a girl. It came out absolutely delicate looking and better than I imagined. The fact that it really is clear like glass made this a little wonderland to look into when finished.


Quick Look: packaging and playing, love and paper

Whats new?
I'm playing with packaging. I usually have a white paper "sleeve" with "popko!" printed all over it, then tied with ribbon. Pretty, I think. Branded, for sure. I also make sure to not mark the actual box in case the buyer want to reuse it.

photo below: current packaging. the text is actually different looking, this is an old photo. but it's close.

I'm looking into either streamlining the process of packing because it takes a long time when packing a bunch of orders. I DO love the way they look,
I LOVE using ribbon and won't cut that part out.

photo below: possible new packaging?

I've been making a lot of pocket mirrors and have beautiful linen textured, colorful, scrap leftover. I thought I'd play with my love of color. It doesn't have my logo on these though- maybe I can use a sticker? Still tossing out ideas, but here's what I came up with in an instant.

PACKAGING: what kind do you like?
[1] Simple/Plain (get to the point of my item!)
[2] Ornate/Lovely (spare no expense, I am worth it)
[3] Recycled/EcoConcious (recycle packaging to keep it 'green')
[4] Beautiful/ Simple/ Gifty (I need simple but I like pretty)

I'd love your input int he comments.

Another little note:
Those little flocked and gilded hearts are still lingering, they are adorable!!! I thought you'd like to see my adoring photos! Still, I think they are gifts and not "products'. I have to keep some things just for me (and the giftees!). Plus they are way too labor intensive at this point to think of selling them. I just want to eat them. But they are furry.

Happy Weekend!


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