start on the street 2009

start on the street 2009
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Quick update! I finished my show last weekend and it was SUPER! This was the first time I did the StART on the Street in Worcester. Its a big street fair with musicians, restaurants, performances galore and 240 artist booths. WOW!

I think I had my best display yet. I had a whole 10x10' tent to use, but decided to just do a straight across 8' table. This is so that people wouldn't have to take ANY extra steps to get to my work, it would be all RIGHT THERE to see. It was a success. It was cohesive and attractive. Usually I would say my display is sort of messy, though others have denied it (I'm sure many would agree), it was messy in the past. This was very organized (for me) and it seemed to pay off. People were drawn to items that they hadn't been in the past, because they were more easy to see. Also, i had bigger signs and that really helped, since I could hear people reading them aloud from the street as they approached. That's good! I spray painted a bunch of branches aqua, which gave the table some life and movement and fun. I used a lot of wood this time, so it was a little darker than my usual white and clear plastic displays, but I think that gave a good impression.
Anyways, I'm still cleaning up my big mess of boxes from last week. I had to scurry off to the Cape for the week (again) and tidy up some things here. I think this is the last last time until November that I will be in Cape Cod, so I will FINALLY be able to hunker down in the studio non-stop. I was in the studio back home for the entire week before the show, but that was the most time I had spent in my real studio since July. I cant wait, cant wait, cant wait to be back on a schedule of making, photographing and shipping every day. Summer was fantastic, selling on the pier was a blast, the show was good and now Im ready for the Holiday Show Season! HELLO AUTUMN!