Where have I been? The STUDIO!

Phew! I'm still here in the studio too, this is just a fun* break to let you know I am coming up for air at some point in...lets say..September, or so (wink).
Though I dream of lounging around in the summer sunshine,
I have been very lucky and very happy to be BUSY!
Okay, okay, Ive had my fair share of summer, and will have posts eventually highlighting the lovliness that warm weather brings (re: eating a 10 pound lobster, row boat under shooting stars, watching a blue heron while I drink coffee.) I certainly have my fair share of awesome between the 12 hour days of making orders.**
Here's my latest order, going out the door today, heading off to Canada.

Its for a bride, and a very colorful wedding party!

I am loving the bright colors that she and her fiance chose. Often they pull together a look with repetition, but this one is all about variety. These are all real butterfly wings, for those that don't know my work yet.

Up next- a boutique in Massachusetts and wholesale in Pennsylvania! Hooray!

*fun = anything that doesn't have to do with envelopes and stamps
**I suppose I started this madness:)


Etsy Homepage featured me on the Fourth of July!

SOOoooO Exciting, to be featured TWICE in the last few weeks. Out of a bazillion shops, items, and treasuries, I am so psyched that it happened to me. THANK you 2ndcoming, for making the adorable list titled "C'mon Safari with me"

This is what she has to say about the list "Perfect for the etsy adventurer who loves to explore in style! Inspired by human curiosity and the beautiful blues, greens and browns mother nature has to offer :)"


Seconds SALE - Magnetic Glass Lockets

edit: Thank you everyone for shopping the sale! all sale items have SOLD OUT.

An impromptu cleaning-out-the-studio LOCKET SALE!! I only have a limited number of these guys (6 small & 3 large to be exact) so be quick if you love a deal!

Sale price: $16, no chain - Regularly $28 w/chain

What does this mean? These lockets have the smallest flaws ever. But- I don't send them out as 'first' quality because of this.
Possible teeny tiny flaws (that you probably wouldn't notice if I didn't tell you) include: hinge may be more wiggly than the rest, but does not affect usage/ Locket may open wider than normal, or less than normal(you can see that in photos)/ tiny mark on outside.
Really, this is a super deal, because I am being picky.

I want to have a super studio blowout sale, but haven't made the time for it. That sort of thing requires lots of photos and writing. So I plan to have little sales like this throughout the summer, as I get the cleaning bug again.

Thanks for reading my blog!



Thursday Three (or 12) Wedding Edition

Something Old, Something New

For this Thursday Three I've made a treasury!
I couldn't resist going overboard today, since it's been a while since my last T3 (oh i just came up with that! feeling clever!).

Weddings are a great excuse to go overboard with accessories & favors, and an appropriate time to inherit or gift heirlooms. I LOVE weddings..oh the acoutrements!!

I've included two of my sisters works in there too, flowers for your hair by AnnMarie, and sterling hair spears by Monique. They both work very hard at what they do, full time, and I want to show everyone else what they make too!

Visit this list, where you can comment, click and buy it all. Buy one for me while you're at it :)