My Painting

Every once in a great while I begin a painting. I have never finished one (oh wait, there was the one in college painting requirement). I love painting. I love it so much that I freeze up when I begin. My nephew might not get the one of the turtle & the bear until he is 18 years old.

I actually thought I would possibly study painting in college, but found sculpture when I got there. Painting is meditative, but I preferred meditating to a jigsaw and grinder.

My family is really creative. All of them. All 7 of us. My mother paints all the time. She has a studio lined with completed paintings, four canvasses deep. Im not exaggerating. Everyone has a talent, or five (or 50). I plan to exhibit all of these talents on my blog, gradually. I WAS planning on doing 'family fridays" and show a little bit of what they all have made. Im thinking that scheduling it for myself may be the only way to go (see previous blog entry).

Studio, 12"x16" 2005

This painting is one I began a few years ago. It's a view of the studio on wheels that my dad has hidden in Cape Cod. Its a tiny and secret place that overlooks the bay. From there you can see the whole wide world it seems. It is a crooked building, you want to hang onto something so you dont roll right out the door. But becasue its a secret its that much more exciting. No, no work gets done there. Maybe the occasional yoga or visit. But we still call it the studio nonetheless, because that was the original purpose. I painted this from memory. I challenged myself. I drove down there, memorized the lines, and went home to see if I could remember. I was having so much fun designing from memory, I was allowed to make up anything. I am afraid to finish it now. I like the choppy water in the top left. It looks cold to me. I like the little crow in the front that looks like nothing. The beginnings of lobster traps out to the left bottom. I love this painting.


Time...is everything.

I have a HORRIBLE time with time. Ask anyone who knows me. I just can't seem to figure it out, or over estimate or be on time. I'm only on time for flights, really. And shipping. I always ship my goods out on time, because I KNOW that someone else is counting on me..for real.

I guess when it really realllly really counts, I am fine. Craft shows- no problem. The strict yoga teacher- no problem (if I actually remember, but my memory is a whole other post). Movies- eh...I would like to see all the previews someday!

I'm learning, slowly, how to over estimate. Ive figured out that if I over estimate by 20 minutes then I will only be 5 minutes late. I tell my friends and family that they are allowed to trick me into the right time, by giving me the wrong. It's totally fine with me. I live with someone that actually understands time, and how long five minutes takes. Thank god I have him! He's my personal time trainer...I DO think I've improved in the last 5 years.

So..I have a HORRIBLE time with time.

Today I think I've figured out why.

I have a packing table that I use everyday. It's the first thing in my studio and the hub of getting organized. Its the main event! I love that table. I keep it cleaner than anywhere in my studio. Always a nice open space. Business cards, envelopes, tape and items ready to ship.

I looked up at the shelf on the table and gave my self a good laugh. If this is any reflection of whats going on in my head, I may never catch up....
Can you see whats wrong with this picture?

It was taken on February 16, 2008 @ 4pm.

I'll post "soon" with the asnwers!


the little things, a new series

Im starting a new series of posts that are all about the little things, all in photos, really close up macro photos actually. I think it's really important to appreciate these details. I find that when I do take the time, I am more inspired to create, and always end up moving forward. It gets my imagination working again, seeing textures and colors in these miniature scenes. This one is moss, in the Beech Forest, on a perfect day in August.

click on each photo to be taken away to mini world.


Poll Results Posted

Jewelry Poll Results

Thanks again to all who paritcipated! Everyone who voted was

entered into a drawing and fisheye on Etsy won a fused glass ring.

Mardi Gras!

Monique's got an article published in The Storque! Its the online paper for Etsy.com. They have been keeping in touch with my sister, who lives and makes handmade jewelry from her home in New Orleans. This photo was taken by Monique, of our sister AnnMarie in her superduper pinkalicious costume. I tried to contact them for comment..but they are out on the streets celebrating all things fabulous!



Newsletter Winner...better late than never!

Congratulations Mona! You've won a cobalt glass pendant!

This drawing was held for the last newsletter, out before Christmas. see? Like a turtle!

Ive been slow moving with my newsletters, which is a good thing, because I've been busy with my glass. However, I think about my readers all the time (mostly with that guilt feeling), and those who signed up and are in the drawings. I've been making up for this by choosing TWO winners (every other month) instead. I'm hoping to find the best program ever to send the newsletters out with pretty graphics and such, streamline them. But thats also been slow going. I AM doing my research though!

Im hoping to have my next newsletter out later on today or tomorrow, with the BEST subscriber only special that I've had YET! I promise. Thank you for being patient.

Sooo.....sign up at the bottom of the page, and cross your fingers that I get this rolling again!