Popko Shop is finally on Facebook!

Look who's all fancy and MODERN!

I've got a facebook fan page for my jewelry!

Become a FAN to see what's new. I just started it today, so hopefully the things that come out of my mouth (posts) are just amazing and fascinating and will wow you till the cows come home.
That's how it works, right?


This is my little fan page photo:

See you there!


Real Butterfly Wing pocket mirrors!

Ive been having a mix of SUPER FUN and SUPER WORK this August. Here's the quickest little update of whats happening today in the studio. Pocket mirrors adorned with real wings. Love them, So simple and so...scientific! Its like having National Geographic in your purse. Not many people get to stare at wings up close, so these are always a curiosity at the shows.

I'm also making new Autumn Leaf jewelry, which should debut next week. You haven't seen this style ever before!

<----- My craft show schedule has been updated to the left. Still more shows waiting to be accepted to as well. Things are busy as ever and its wonderful. Now, if only August would last forever.

Happy Days to you!