Happy Etsy-versary to ME! 5 years selling on Etsy.com

WOW!! I never expected Etsy.com to consume my everyday life, when I signed up one cold, unassuming winter 5 years ago. Here I am, everyday, countless hours online, working, selling, packaging, connecting- all because of one "little" website. At least it was when I signed up!

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Jan 18-22!

I was making mosaics in 2005-06, and looking for better ways/places to sell my stuff. I wasn't currently working, as I waitressed in the summers (long and hard hours) so that I could carry myself through the winters making/selling mosaics. I made mirrors, frames, candle holders- whatever base I could find that suited my taste. I did some craft shows, which I loved because I could interact with people, see what they thought firsthand. I tried ebay, and it was fine, but wasn't personal like the little craft shows were. I knew there had to be a better way.above: mosaic tile candle plates 2006

My sisters were in town, banished from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. They were waiting out the storm in a wintry Massachusetts while they figured out new life plans.
We were all kind of in a holding place.
I was able to brainstorm with them a lot that winter, while they were in town.
One sister heard of Etsy.com, some kind of website where you could only sell handmade things.


So I joined that week. I KNEW I was onto something when there were only four other mosiacs on the WHOLE site. You heard me right, the whole site. Four. Four objects with mosaic on them.
So I jumped. I figured out how to list when the pages would only change every few hours. If there was a lot of blue on the page, I would list a red item so it would stand out.

I figured out all the little things I could do to be seen. I also decided that I didn't want to deal with bubble wrap and packaging.
So I immediately went small.
I created glass tile pendants just for my Etsy shop. The first item sold for $5 three weeks after opening my shop. HOORAY! I was thrilled. It was enough to fuel the fire!

above: Lousy product photo of first sale I made on Etsy, Feb 2006.

So, here I am 5 years later. Totally happy.
I don't make anything with tiles anymore. I went with the ebb and flow of the years, and let myself and my work change as I wanted. I also pay attention to what works and what sells, and what I enjoy making. I have a full-on business now making jewelry!
Who thought I would be making jewelry with my time? Not me!

I am still thrilled every single time I make a sale. It makes me feel like my time and work is valuable to others. I have learned almost everything about business from selling my work online. I still do craft shows too, I now apply to the ones that I used to think were the "all stars" when I was a kid. It feels pretty good to have my own business. And I thank Etsy for giving me the tools to start it all from scratch, with my own two hands. Hurrah!

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SNOW day!!!

SNOW day!!!
Originally uploaded by PoPkO!
I love when there's so much snow that I cant stop looking out the windows! It's STILL coming down! We've got a plan to put on our x-country skis and head across the pond later to scope it out. When I went to bed last night, there was nothing on the ground, and nothing falling from the sky. I think that was the most exciting part of it all. Like unwrapping a present!

It may be a snow day but my boss didn't give me the day off. When you work for yourself and the commute is only 100 feet, well, you see where this is going. Doesn't matter, today has given me a little extra spring in my step! It feels exciting and fresh!

(At least she is being lenient enough to lollygag as much as I want!)