Quick look: Butterfly Project, glass bottle specimen

Here's a quick glimpse of a special request order that I made for someone recently. It's a real sunset moth wing sealed into a tiny glass bottle. I have seen versions of this before, but I really like the way mine came out. What do you think? Should I carry it in my regular line?

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Handmade with love - AnselBlue for Japan Relief

The tsunami and earthquake in Japan brought us the most heartbreaking news of crisis and fascinating stories of the strong people who endured these disasters.

They need your help, and my local artist friend Sarah has been working tirelessly on fund raising for The American Red Cross for Japan Relief.

Purchase this handmade sparrow ornament called

Little Suzume for $10

100% of the proceeds will be directly donated to the
American Red Cross

“Little Suzume” is a special edition of my flying bird illustration made into a wooden ornament. She stands 3-1/4" tall and is painted white with a red sun and kanji that reads “Help Japan” in black. A white ribbon will be threaded through a small drilled hole on her top wing.
-from Sarah's etsy page

photo by Sarah Platanitis

Sarah has a personal connection to Japan, and you can read her story
in the article she authored and had published today in the newspaper.

Click the image below to read:

Thank you Sarah for helping others! Thank you everyone for donating to the A.R.C. by purchasing a Little Suzume
as a reminder of your generosity and love for Japan.


Real Butterfly Box -completed

It's finished! I love my newest project. I am keeping this one for myself, my first butterfly box. Here's some more progress photos and also the finished product!

My mother was also making a stained glass box, hers came out gorgeous, she worked with the aqua swirls on her glass to make a wavy pattern on the lid.


Something new... Butterfly box!

Here's the first part of the project. I should be done with it this week.
You can see the four walls and lid (not made) above.

What else is new?

A special order butterfly wing to be made into a necklace. I've never had a butterfly like this, I am so mesmerized by the metallic wings.

A few new pendants/necklaces. I have to decide if they are going to a local (MA) store or in my Etsy shop. I always want them in my Etsy shop, so everyone can see my new work.
But I can't forget the locals!

I have a new computer! This is very exciting, because I won it in a local raffle to benefit a church that had been fighting very hard to stay open, and finally won. The church is 100 years old, the same age as my grandmother who attends!

I cant believe how FAST computers are these days- haha, I just needed some extra space to make it sail. This one has 4x the space than my last one. Wow. My old one was at the edge...

I'm also playing with the new photo editor, so these pictures are the first test. I will head to my old computer and check the brightness/contrast to make sure I've got the images looking like they are in real life. If the colors dont match I will have to rework them.

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