I feel like summer just began. What a whirlwind!
My summertime studio is set up in a tiny room in an itty bitty cottage on the beach with my whole family re: tons of us. Im in full swing but others are starting to wind down for another season.

Its August already?
This looks like a pretty lazy afternoon in front of my house.....but...once a week, this picnic table is covered with cloth, and a big 10 foot tent shelters a CRAFT SALE!
Two of my sisters and I set up out here, flyer the beach and sell our jewelry, lavender, crafts, and all handmade artwork.
One of them is Monique a.k.a. GurlyGirl on Etsy! The other one will be on etsy by the end of the year (you hear that sis!?).

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Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Great colour and I love your work! Sara x