Meet me at the INDIEPUBLIC!

I work hard at keeping up with all this internet stuff. It seems though, that it is really endless, this web of connections you could possibly make.

I think this is a good one to have though, a little Indiepublic page. Its a great place to continue networking with other artists, designers, makers and people interested in the same things.

Visit mine to see what its all about!
Now on Indiepublic : everything fabulous to make your eyes POP!

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Jen Vecc said...

hi! i am doing an open studio with Pam's husband Mike, he has a screen printing business and there's an open studio and he can invite family... so he invited me. i don't know all that much more. then i am doing one at my mom's work. she works for north shore elder services and they have a really nice boutique on the 2nd floor of the building. they are having a 2 week fair in Danvers. if you want more info i can send it too you.