Im going to be in my first super BIG craft show!

stART on the street

I was accepted today and now I've got 18 days to plan. Oh DEAR! What to do? I started planning out the space design already. Its a 10x 10 square to do with it as I wish. Ive shared my space before, but never had to fill it up myself! I think I can do it. I've got lots of inventory. And I have a a lot of new designs in the works too. Heres a few new things:

But this sure isnt going to hold me over for 7 hours...or the 7,000 passersby!

The Boston Pops Holiday Concert is performing that afternoon, expecting 7,000 people! Theres going to be 7,000 people in the building near MY artwork! I don't know if they are all coming to my booth, but they are all invited.

It looks like a pretty big space, to say the least.
Thanks to 3CatNite for the images.

I'll keep you updated on the booth design plans, signs and banners. For now I think Im going to scroll through the Flickr pool of craft show displays to get some ideas. I think Flickr is such a great resource for inspiration.

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Jen Vecc said...

hmm... worcester? maybe me and the boy will come visit! we have more xmas shopping to do.