Happy Etsy-Versary to MEEEE!

Today I celebrate my two year etsy-versary!

My second year of selling online at Etsy. I really wonder what I would be doing without it. Before I was here, I had been struggling with finding a niche; doing craft shows, summer craft tables, a little ebay. My first craft show I sold little round mirrors with nails sticking out of the sides, and feather sticking out of others. This is because I has those supplies on hand. I thought they were just darling! That was a good start though, it made me realize that I love color, I love process. I just didnt know where to direct my energy.

I went to school for sculpture, and I am so happy that I made that decision. It taught me a lot of the formalities of the art world. It taught me how to move through my ideas and make them "work". I know how to critique myself realistically. (I know how to pour metal now!) It tried to teach me how to be a working artist outside of the university walls, but always focused on how difficult it will be, how it will be a constant struggle. I dont think its that hard...now. I think its a natural thing that seeps into everyday life. It just is a matter of finding your niche. Thats the hard part. Once you have something to hold onto, you can evolve from there. Then you will naturally progress into the right direction if you keep on it. Keep on it. Make connections with other artists, tell everyone you know, everyone in town that you have a special tool, talent, and you know how to use it!

I had no idea how someone could actually make a living by just making things. I thought you had to have a fancy website, I thought you had to make the most fantastic product in the whole wide world that no on could live without. WAIT! I do both on Etsy. But you see, its not that scary after all. Which is what this whole thing is about....My first two years on Etsy.
This is the first thing I sold on Etsy.

Its given me a place to host my work. Any kind of work. Its given me a way to pick artists and business peoples brains. Everyday. Pick pick pick pick!! It has a contstant source of encouragement, and sense of competition, everyday. It keeps me going! It keeps me GROWING, as an artist, as a business. Im so thankful that my sister told me about it (thankth mith anna, like my new blog post now?).

Now I must go work, I have orders to make, orders to ship, and new ideas to work on. Lookeee here, we have a real live artsy business ! OOOHHHHEEEEE!

Thank you Etsy!

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Jen Vecc said...


thats all.. just awesome. so totally agree with everything. i think i'm going to go and make something...


p.s. i think the our squirrels are playing some crazy game of capture the flag.. they are always up to covert operations!! :) hugs...