Let's Have a Cocktail Party!!

There's a new shop on Etsy dedicated to having the most FABULOUS cocktail party! How fun!

The Grand Opening was on April 1, but that was no joke. AnnMarie is a culinary master and lover of all things party-glam. Above is one of the sexy pin-up rocks glasses offered in her shop as a set to dress up your bar and your party. One side of the glass shows a darling with her clothes on, and look through the glass and shes bare. Its hard to have a dull party with nudies all around!

She lives in the decadent city of NewOrleans, and has taken the spice of life there and put it into her Sweet and Spicy Pecans.

I know first hand that these crunchy pecans are DELISH! I ordered them a few weeks ago and couldn't put them down. Yum Yum Yum. And another YUM! I think these just might be my next party favor or hostess gift. I also sprinkled some on my salad, as recommended by cocktailparty, and it really finished it off with a lot of extra flavor. They are exactly what they are called, sweet and spicy, not too much of each and have a great crunch. Every bite makes you want to taste just a liiiiitle more, then you eat the next. Then the next. FANTASTIC.

She also the designer behind the gorgeous goods in SUPERDUPER on Etsy, proving that she is a lover of all things flirty and fun. There she offers her cocktail hats and other accessories with feathers and glitter, felt and rhinestones. Does she ever sleep? I hope not, because there's a party to go to!

feathered headbands from superduper

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this one is very impressive!