Two months already?

Happy Summer!

WOW! Time is FLYING! I just realized that my blog is lonely. I cant believe its been 2 months since my last post. I have been so wrapped up with a project that Ive been working on for over 6 months. My wedding. Its coming soon , and its very, very exciting.
I suppose most people plan it for much longer, but I like to relax for as long as possible, and then cram as much as possible. And thats what Im doing. The only thing I did six months ago was reserve the venue. The rest is being done. Now. So if you are looking in my etsy shop and havent seen anything new, replace everything you would normally see with something wedding related that you will never see. Thats whats going on. I love every second of it.
Okay okay, so there was a few lobster dinners in there...it IS summertime afterall, and my father catches this delicacy all summer long.

On the other hand, I am learning something very valuable about my business. I love it and crave it. I miss it even. I feel like I accomplish sooo much everyday now (because if I dont I probably couldnt get married on the day that I invited everyone HA!) that once I have my full attention to my shop again I will be able to put so much more into it and utilize my time so much better.

.....which is a super thing, because come September, I begin to gear up for the Holiday season. It seems early, but this is what it looks like:

September - craft shows season begins, make lots of product, sell lots of product
Late Sept - make more things to re-stock for October
October - more shows, more inventory, restock wholesale accounts, wedding season starts again, make more inventory for November.
November - in full swing for Holiday shopping, not much time to make inventory, lots of time packing and shipping and customer service, custom orders like crazy!
December - shoppers are feeling the pressure and neeeeeed everything FAST! Need to somehow restock what ever I missed in October. Family Holidays keep me busy busy!

Back to the summertime thing though- heres some summery leaf neckalces ive come up with and I have plans to expand the "relic" line of jewelry asap. Stay tuned!

So now you can sort of see how Ive got only a few weeks before I can relax and begin another sort of cramming. Except this time (season), Ive got a master plan on how to prepare. Which will be antoher post entirely. It will include lots of lists. I love lists.

Thank you to everyone who has been finding goodies in my shop and keeping me busy, I appreciate every one of you.

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