NEW DESIGN! yes i'm screaming!

I'm thoroughly excited to show off a few of my newest butterfly wing pendant designs. Its a full wing set into an aluminum disc. I LOVE love this. I gave the inside a brushed finish, so under the wing there is a ton of depth when the light shines on it. Its a very hip design, I might say. I have finally found a way to use the shape of the wing in my jewelry. Wings have so many pretty frilly edges, or organic shapes to them, that I just haven't been able to preserve with the silver designs. So here they are, my newest.......I've got two sizes in my shop, both at the same price. They cost me almost the same to make, but I really need/want to offer different sizes. Do you think having different sizes at the same price a problem? Will buyers be confused?

Also, I am offering this style with an unfinished black ribbon. No chain this time like the others. I am trying something new there, to see what people need. Would you want a chain to be included, or the option to buy in addition?


Chris said...

These are very cool! I do think people might be confused a little by the size difference, but you can always try it out. And I like chains to be included, but maybe you can add an option to switch it out for a ribbon or something? I think the ribbons add a nice touch.

Thanks for tinkering with my pendant so much. I'm glad it's finally working for you!

Grace said...

These are super cool!

shopPOPKO said...

thanks for your input. i think having the chains on my other styles has been a positive thing, I AM having more requests for it without the chain though. still torn!
i think I will put a note in my listings for these that there are two sizes, for the same price, to maybe make shopping easier for people. I still havent sld one yet, but they have had a bunch of attention so thats good so far!