Quick Look: packaging and playing, love and paper

Whats new?
I'm playing with packaging. I usually have a white paper "sleeve" with "popko!" printed all over it, then tied with ribbon. Pretty, I think. Branded, for sure. I also make sure to not mark the actual box in case the buyer want to reuse it.

photo below: current packaging. the text is actually different looking, this is an old photo. but it's close.

I'm looking into either streamlining the process of packing because it takes a long time when packing a bunch of orders. I DO love the way they look,
I LOVE using ribbon and won't cut that part out.

photo below: possible new packaging?

I've been making a lot of pocket mirrors and have beautiful linen textured, colorful, scrap leftover. I thought I'd play with my love of color. It doesn't have my logo on these though- maybe I can use a sticker? Still tossing out ideas, but here's what I came up with in an instant.

PACKAGING: what kind do you like?
[1] Simple/Plain (get to the point of my item!)
[2] Ornate/Lovely (spare no expense, I am worth it)
[3] Recycled/EcoConcious (recycle packaging to keep it 'green')
[4] Beautiful/ Simple/ Gifty (I need simple but I like pretty)

I'd love your input int he comments.

Another little note:
Those little flocked and gilded hearts are still lingering, they are adorable!!! I thought you'd like to see my adoring photos! Still, I think they are gifts and not "products'. I have to keep some things just for me (and the giftees!). Plus they are way too labor intensive at this point to think of selling them. I just want to eat them. But they are furry.

Happy Weekend!

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