Designing Diva is giving away FREE pendants!

That's awesome news. I found her site Diva Buzz, when I was featured in November as part of her "Wish-List Wednesday" Blog, where she was wishing for something I made.
What a feather in my cap!

Once I started poking around and reading, I found her offer to give you one her glass pendants free*.
*Ahh, the asterisk.
Its free, but you have to pay $4.95 shipping. Not bad!
Here's the link to read more and see if you fall in love with her work.

Choose from her designs HERE

As a glass fuser myself, I was interested in how this worked. I think its a fun way to get people into your shop and poking around. I was hooked and started reading.
Have fun, and if you decide to get one, let me know!


Randi said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! ;-)

TexNan said...

Hey, lady! Thanks for commenting on my blog and sure if you want to post pics of my bracelets, go right ahead. And no, I'm not selling them; they were gifts. But I'm glad you like them; you do good work.