Twist - lively + hip - Show Review

Northampton, MA Center for the Arts Ballroom, a gorgeous space
Nov 11-12 2011 Friday night "market party" music, beer, sangria, food, DJ. Saturday 10-6 DJ.

I love Twist. I've been in the show several times now,
and I keep applying because it's got perks as a vendor.

First, its local for me.
Other vendors have to travel many hours to sell here, but I just breeze in and out and its the first benefit of a traveling show. First and a half (!)- they feed us. I shouldn't brag, but it's just how it goes with the food- after working 16 hour days the week before the show (due to a 7 day power outage hampering my relaxed schedule)- a free beer ticket is the first sign of heaven when the show begins.

Above, part of my display, with the new leaf imprint necklaces-
I debuted them here and they were a hit. Yay!

2. the free beer ticket also comes with dinner. They feed all the vendors and our helpers. Our helpers are a lifeline, so Im glad they count them in. Eastside grill catered dinner, its a fancy pantsy place and it was DELICIOUS!

above, my full table, sans a sign to tell you who I am- I know, stilllll have to get one/make one

3.Breakfast AND lunch the next day! I know, its starting to sound like I'm making it up. Coffee and pastries, bagels. Lunch was catered by Bueno y Sano and their burritos are like little babies, they are so big. I love them.
Oh- and tables and chairs are provided and set up for free. !!


Shopper perks exist too, don't you worry. The first 100 people to walk in the door each day got a swag bag that was filled with amazing things like Lexie Barnes new book (shes the organizer), and in the past there has been yarn and soap. Its a low $4 entry so a free bag of stuff rocks. Theres a VIP party on Fri night, which is $15 and you get food + beer. Its really like an "event" and not a craft show with bitter old ladies.

my show neighbor, abbyberksonceramics

sarah from anselblue design studio, a local pal, we went to dinner after the show = fun!

above, migrationgoods she travels all over for shows!

Which brings me to the vendors. They are super talented. Everyone there is happy, it seems. They do what they do, mostly, for a living. Its important to them- so they are proud of what they make, and this also means they are great at what they do!

my local friend edison rex, she has a great blog too!

my other neighbor, ChrissyAnnCeramics

Which brings me to the pitfalls- the space is CRAMPED. It is SO tight for the middle aisle vendors that you are constantly rubbing your bum against each other- which has its levels of rewards and punishment. It's TOO close. I cant really bend down behind my table to wrap things, you have to turn sideways and pardon your ass from the people around you. It's annoying. If we had a few more inches, it would be more bearable.

heatherjeany screenprint

beehivekitchenware, Ive purchased several spoons from Jim as gifts. I love beehive's aesthetic.

Because Ive been there a few times, I am making some art + business friends. This is probably the best part, because networking only makes life easier and more fun! Its nice to meet people in the same boat.

I made this earring tree below, and I plan to give a DIY tutorial on how to make one yourself. Long story short, polymer clay leaves baked and glued to a stick and painted. Easy peasy and really effective. It didn't break, so I consider it a success. Oh, and it caught peoples eyes and sold the earrings better than my old earring tree- that's the other successful part :)

It was a great show for me- I had a lot of repeat buyers, and saw several people walk in with my jewelry on from the past shows. Its great, because I mostly ship my work out and never see it on anyone or see who receives it. I like that its local, because I also made some good contacts with businesses and people who wanted gifts. win/win.

me and the gals- popkoshop, abbeyberksonceramics, chrissyannceramics, twitchandwhiskers

I'm exhausted, but I have five days to prep for the next show..Craftopia in Rhode Island!
Will I see you there?

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anselblue design studio said...

I loved your review! :)

Maeg said...

Hi Crystal! Thanks for the shout-out! It was wonderful seeing you at Twist, as always. :)