There will be bears in the streets!

I went to Easthampton today to touch up my bear before the big event on Saturday. I'm getting excited for a day where I can show off my work and also enjoy all the festivities- brass band! ice cream! beer probably! art! fun!

 Tree Warden George Malega getting the logs

 I say this because when I sell my jewelry at craft shows, I am always a part of the event, but I never get to actually enjoy the event like everyone else. I'm working. This time- I'm free as a bear to follow the brass band parade all the way to the Easthampton Savings Bank Green (they sponsored my bear!) where there will be music, food, beer, all around fun stuff. 

They were one of the tip top sponsors of Bearfest 2012 - a POLAR BEAR sponsor, meaning they donated $10,000 to the Bearfest (holy toledo!!), and in turn, get to have a few bears on their lawn and fame and glory and thanks and praise that comes along with being such a great patron of this event. Lucky for me- they chose MY BEAR to sit front and center on their perfectly mowed lawn. It's quite the honor for me. It's actually bananas for me. It's GREAT! I cant wait to see the other bear they chose as well. I'm actually lying- I saw it and it's awesome, I just can't tell you...yet :)

Waiting for a mystery bear on Main St.

Sooooo, my excitement grew today when I saw the big log/stumps in place all over town. They are ready for their bears! The committee puts all the bears out on Friday night. I love that.  They drive around in the dark so that when the town wakes on Saturday for the unveiling, its TRULY an unveiling!

 This is where my bear was in 2009. I cant wait to see who's up next! It was a great location.

I hope this guy doesn't mind when a bear takes his stoop!

I had a little taste of all the bears today in the bear lodge (they are being stored in Eastworks) and promised not to reveal any pics of them until Saturday, but I cant wait to post them because there are so many awesome ones. People really went to town on their bears, a lot of extra sculpting and adding and props on these bears. They all look fantastic.

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