Feeling Fabulous- PopkoShop in the Boston Herald!

I knew there was an interview. I knew I sent in photos. I  knew when I would be looking for it (okay I searched everyday in case it came out early). 
But I had no idea it would be a HALF PAGE print article in the Boston Herald!


 I was interviewed out of the blue by Jill Radsken from the Boston Herald last week. She had found my work in NOA, a store in Boston (and Concord!) that has carried my work for a few years. They are a GREAT store to work with, super professional, and they seem to have the clients that like my work. They gave her my contact info and I am very grateful everyone was able to connect!

I'm very fortunate when these opportunities for exposure come my way, as you can never predict when or what will happen afterwards. When I linked it on my facebook page, I felt super famous! My friends and family and fb fans made me realize that this is fancier than I thought!

Thank you Jill Radsken & Barbara (from noa) and everyone who keeps cheering me on!!


Jansjems said...

You're famous. Contratulations!!

Linda Blatchford said...