Now Accepting Promos & Samples

Hi there!
I ship out Etsy orders everyday. This is an opportunity to have your goods included in my outgoing packages. I'm looking for your promotional items/samples to send out with my orders. If you would like to send me anything, just convo me through my etsy shop, or tell me youre interested here and I will let you know where to send them.

-At this time, I still have PLENTY of business cards from other sellers, so im not accepting business cards without a coupon or sample.

-The most successful promos have your name on them, a business card and a sample of your work. A business card with a discount attached is also okay, but I would like to make sure that its quite indicative of what you make.

-Some other ideas for promo materials are: buttons, magnets, stickers, bookmarks, soap samples, postcards, paper products, a sample of your product, coupons, pens, ANYTHING that tells people that they should visit your shop!

This is what I have to send out, along with other samples from Etsy shops, and business pens! OOH! These little lavender sachets make a big impact:

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