SIGN UP! My fabulous newsletter.

My very first newsletter is coming out soon!
Yes, its late, but I've been working hard on my work and etsy shop. To make up for the lost time, Im going to double double your delightment!

Heres a few things that you will see in the newsletter:

-News (well I already told the world about readymade, but theres always something happening here at PoPkO!)

-Specials (subscriber only specials and coupons, deals for the month too!)

-Monthly Drawing! I put all the names of my mailing list subscribers into a drawing. Once a month when it comes out I pick a subscriber to receive a fancy product from my shop! THIS time I will PICK TWO!!!

Photo of the type of fused pendants that I am giving away!

This month Im giving away TWO!

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windycindy said...

Hi, Is there a place on your blog spot where you post the names of your monthly winners? Thanks very much,Cindi :)

shopPOPKO said...

hi! YES- i plan on posting the winners and the prize. ive just moved my wntire studio and my orders have taken precedence. i will be on top of it when everything is in order! i listed the winners in the newsletter as well. cp

windycindy said...

Good Evening, I am hoping your show is going well! It looks beautiful where you are. I have always loved the Eastern part of the US. Have a lovely upcoming week! Cindi :)