Popko in Etsy Finds: Natural history

Yay! Today my work was chosen to be included in the Etsy Finds. EXCITING! Its created a little buzz in the shop and its so wonderful! The Etsy Finds are sent out via email and them also as an article in The Storque. Im so glad that it was chosen, because its JUST in time for Mothers Day shopping and gift giving, and theres still time for shipping to everyone. Hurrah.

So..thanks etsy!

Now, back to work, as I have a MEGA SUPER DUPER craft show this weekend. Its called TWIST.

So I have to rush off and make make make! Im working on , well besides EVERYTHING, im finishing off a new display for the butterflies and glass. Two three-teired cake-stand-like units that I am making by hand. Yesterday I used the jigsaw to cute the pieces out, today im drilling glueing and sanding. And packing and shipping and , making. WHEW!
I can breathe on Sunday.

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Courtney said...

I just love that necklace - I'm the one that just bought it today for my friend's graduation gift. I'm going to try hard not to keep it for myself! haha. I love everything you have in your etsy shop! :)