Twist Fair!

The two-day show this weekend was a success! Heres some photos:

My studio table, days before the show. I like to make make make! I made about 100 glitter pop rings. That was exhausting. Next time I will try to just keep up with it so I dont have to make soooo many at once. They really sparkled at the show though, the lights were awesome.

Needless to say, I didnt sleep much last week. Im always last-minute.

Here's the view while I stood on a chair at my booth.

Shoppers shopping!!!

This is my new display stand below. It was great for the fused glass, but I had to change the one for the butterfly jewelry, as it didnt show off well enough. Part of my craft show experience is getting the displays down pat. I feel like I have had a differetn set-up at every single show. I need to set it up in my house more often so that Im not fiddling with it at the shows anymore.
Oh, and I made that ring holder! Its a bamboo box from bed bath & beyond, made to hold desk things or kitchen organizing. Its pretty on the outside, and I stuffed it with foam and fabric to become a ring display. I made two of these. They REALLY worked, because I sold more fused glass rings than ever before.
Above, you can see my first enormous fused glass pendants. I love them. The ones that didnt sell there will be in my Etsy shop soon. Also, you can see the suncatchers that I made. They make me very happy happy (but the needed a better display).

Above, my table, day two. I thought there was a 2 foot max requirement for all displays, (at least thats what the rules said), so I abided, even though my display is always higher. Everyone else in the room had mile-high displays. Like- everyone. Wah. So now I know that I can eliminate that rule if I get in again for November. Everyone knows that a higher display is easier to look at.

To see more photos take a peek at the flickr group here: Twist Photos

Or check out the incredibly organized and informative website for the show here : TwistFair

So thats my brief update for now. Back to the etsy orders!

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