Sneak Peak! NEW butterfly wing jewelry!

What's next? I am finally going to have small, round, blue butterfly jewelry for everyone thats been asking me for 3 years. Yes. Finally. Finally! Im so very excited, because 1. I will be able to give you what you want, 2. I will be making something new, and this change is well beyond needed 3. they are really really pretty. I am also in love with that giant teardrop that I put on a wicked long 24" chain. Feels luxurious.

I am planning the pre-debut in the shop around Jan 15th, along with a scrumptious newsletter on Monday (sign up on the left for the deals!). But- I still have to price the new pendants. I really want them to be affordable, but now that I am actually making them, I see how much work they are. I am making every single component of them MYSELF, cutting the glass, grinding, soldering etc. Im still enjoying it now since its all new to me. Maybe once I get a good formula for sizes and shapes and colors, I can streamline my production.
Enjoy the sneak peak!


Jen Vecc said...

hi you.

haven't chitter chattered in a while... i love the new butterfly stuff :)

hugs to both of you, from the two of us.


[¯Ô¯]njoy said...

Yay for new butterfly pendants! The designs are stunning.

Shenya de Silva said...

how did you find soo many good wings of butterflies ?
Whenever I find them wings they are half eaten by ants!