NEW in the shop...Butterfly wing CUFFLINKS!

Can you tell I'm excited? These have been on my 'bridal list' for ages, I'm very happy to
1. have finally made them
2. have amazing photos of them for the shop. It's not easy!

(Here's a little secret, the shirt in the pictures is just a regular shirt. shhHHH!!) I had to pretend its a French cuff for the photo shoot. Next trip to the store, and I'm going to get a nice crisp white one ready for my next wedding event so I can dress up my date! (and have a new model to sport some around my pals). Find them in the jewelry section of my shop.

What do you think?

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Jen Vecc said...

love love love them! now i know where to go someday when jon needs cufflinks! :) congrats on all the publcicity lately too! :)