this moth fluttered onto my doorstep today!

real moth
Originally uploaded by PoPkO!
He is so fluffy and furry I wanted to cuddle up with him! (well, you know, as much as YOU would want to cuddle up with a furry moth)

When we found him, we made sure NOT to touch it with our fingers, because of all the fluff/fur he is made out of. He was very still, enough to worry us for a bit, but with a blade of grass we were able to coax him to flutter onto a shady part of the grass, and away form the doorstep. I have never seen a moth like this before, its such a gorgeous mix of colors.
He has already flown away!


Shenya de Silva said...

yeah it looks gorgeous!

The Rustic Victorian said...

What a sweet gift to experience...the colors "are" wonderful!

I just ordered from you at etsy and decided to see your blog.
Back to looking!

meredithea said...

hi, i think that's called an io moth?

very cool.
anyway, i just wanted to say hello. my boy ordered a green birdwing butterfly necklace from you a couple weeks ago, and he gave it to me on my birthday.

IT'S GORGEOUS. i'm wearing it right now. and,..
wonderful stuff you're doing here!
hooray etsy!
: D


shopPOPKO said...

yes, I agree that its an io moth! Im so glad you are enjoying your necklace! I was wondering who I was making it for....so happy you stopped by.