Something new... Butterfly box!

Here's the first part of the project. I should be done with it this week.
You can see the four walls and lid (not made) above.

What else is new?

A special order butterfly wing to be made into a necklace. I've never had a butterfly like this, I am so mesmerized by the metallic wings.

A few new pendants/necklaces. I have to decide if they are going to a local (MA) store or in my Etsy shop. I always want them in my Etsy shop, so everyone can see my new work.
But I can't forget the locals!

I have a new computer! This is very exciting, because I won it in a local raffle to benefit a church that had been fighting very hard to stay open, and finally won. The church is 100 years old, the same age as my grandmother who attends!

I cant believe how FAST computers are these days- haha, I just needed some extra space to make it sail. This one has 4x the space than my last one. Wow. My old one was at the edge...

I'm also playing with the new photo editor, so these pictures are the first test. I will head to my old computer and check the brightness/contrast to make sure I've got the images looking like they are in real life. If the colors dont match I will have to rework them.

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A Cup of Sparkle said...

Loved your butterflies. And, welcome to the Inspired by Nature team!