Butterfly kaleidoscope - real wing photographs

 I have a lot of butterfly wings in the studio. They are beautiful. I often just open and close the boxes to get a little glimpse of them shimmering in the light. They have unusual shapes, and unique patterns and some have the most rich, velvety colors. I started photographing them to make these kaleidoscope images. I'm working towards a project that's a little different that my jewelry. 
(Keep an eye out for the finished project by late October.)

It's refreshing to have something to work on just for the fun of it right now. I am neck high in custom orders, which I love (don't get me wrong), but I already know the outcome of that work. I know what they will look like when I'm done. This is a little more free- perfect for the last long lazy days of summer. I can just let my imagination play.

I used real butterfly wings, photographed them in different formations and then started manipulating the images on my computer.

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