In the Studio: Curious Finds

 I'm preparing my new studio, yes, still. It's been a very very VERY hot July and August and at some point I just became completely afraid of melting if I even approached the third floor. 

Oh just look at it, clean and empty. I should just have gotten it to sit still and not even bring a single thing to work on, like a meditation room. I love empty spaces.

I decided to clean out some storage and put it all into my new space to properly go through the boxes (completely interrupting the zen), while I still had a lot of open space to spread out with that project. I found a lot of old things. I studied Sculpture in school and there were a few things I hadnt taken out of the box for 12 years. I know. But seeing them again was lovely. It reminded me of all the hours I worked diligently on them. I'm talking about the feet in the box.

They are casts of my own feet, in different walking positions. They have holes on the undersides so I can set them on pegs in the grass. I cast my feet with wax (made for peeling off your skin). Then made rubber molds (which I had to learn the hard way how to make sure they didn't leak). Then poured plaster into the rubber molds, then coated them with wax. I didn't let them dry enough before waxing them though, and they never fully took to the plaster.
I used to do a lot of casting back then.
Bronze plaques/plates, about 4x4" and 4x6"

I actually don't quite remember making the bronze plaques of body parts. I think these may have been after college, when I apprenticed for a Sculptor in Provincetown. We poured a lot of bronze back then, but I cant jog my memory when I cast these. They appear to have some reasoning behind the amount of casts I did, in sets, maybe to make a box? I plan to finish these.

Its almost September now, and the weather is better, cool at night. My studio should be ready for work very soon. *crosses fingers*

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