Craftopia: Rhode Island & Why you should buy handmade for the Holidays - Really!

Hey everyone! Get ready for HOLIDAY SHOPPING!

I know, people really get ruffled & fluffled
 when they start to think that "Holidays = Gifts".  

 The fact is that the Holidays present a TON of opportunities to gather with friends and family, go to parties and spend more time together than at other times of the year. That's a good thing, right?
When you visit others, it's always nice to have a hostess gift, or bring something for the children. It's tradition for many to give for 8 days Hanukkah or for Christmas. It happens every year, and I hear people freak out about it every year. *The Holidays and gift giving shouldn't feel like hell.

Handmade gift-giving is what makes shopping and giving FEEL REALLY GOOD*. When I buy something handmade, I often get to meet the person who actually used their hands to create a beautiful product. They put a lot of thought into making it. I put a lot of thought into buying it.
 I think about the person I am giving this to. See all the thoughtfulness? 
It's not made up, and that's the important part. 
If you shop at a local boutique or gallery, a craft show or on etsy online- it will directly affect the buyer (you), handmaker (me) and the gift-getter (that's now a word) in a positive way. 
Win /Win /Win! No tears! No tearing your hair out!

(See how happy I am at Twist - Northampton MA Nov 2012)

My advice- go to a local craft show. Go to my craft shows (of course!). Go to Craftopia (and the million other ones on my show list). Bring a list of people you want to make feel really special and buy a handmade gift for them. Now it's done and you haven't gone to the mall.

If you want to go a step further- I recommend you make gifts yourself! I'm not kidding. Seriously! If you don't want to buy something from me or all my crafty show friends, we won't mind. In fact, if you invite us over to make stuff too, all we require is wine (yes, that's how we do it). Go to Martha Stewart online and get some crafty gift ideas. Holidays are happy times!

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