It's Earth Day!

The tip of Massachusetts is washing away in this photograph. I took the picture from my fathers boat last October. Massachusetts is shaped like a hook, as you might have seen. There was a super high tide this day, and you can see the people walking out on the sandbars created by the sea washing over the sand, erasing the hook entirely. There arent supposed to be little islands there. (Click on the photo to see it up close)

It was beautiful but totally frightening. We had never seen the hook washed away before. We were watching part of our home drift away, if only for this tide. It was like a movie where you get a glimpse of the future, only I was more terrified than curious. Earth day is always a good reminder to take care of your world. There are a million small things you can do to help. Enjoy what you have. You might not always have it.


jayne said...

Hello! I came from the etsy blog. Your site looks great. Like the earth day photo. I am particularly drawn to the sea/moody sea images. I live near the sea too -- in Vancouver, BC. I walk by an ocean inlet several times a week. I think I'll go post a pic on my blog too.

I got a flavour here of your interest in the etsy artist community. I'm really looking forward to exploring that side of etsy. I'm new.

Anonymous said...

Great Earth Day editorial! That picture was just an abnormal high tide, imagine what a 2ft increase to sea level would do! Truely scary when you think of places as delicate as the Cape.