Who doesnt love a fabulous presentation?

I love love love ribbon and paper and tape. Ive had a lot of questions about my famous PoPkO! wrapping paper. Whats the secret? A printer. I wish I could say rubber stamp too. My wrapping paper is simple to make, and you can do it at home! I played around with my photo program, rearranged text on an 8.5"x 11" template, and decided how I wanted my products to feel when someone took it out of the envelope. Viola! I had my own fancy paper. I use recycled white printer paper and usually cut it in half to wrap my small goodies, and a whole sheet for the big fun (when ordering several things). My next plan is to get a rubber stamp made so that I can expand my branding to shopping bags and notecards, envelopes, ribbon, anything!


Kelly said...

The words are a light blue. Nice blog, too! And you're right about a great persentation. Very eye catching. Thanks for the tips.

Starry Designs said...

Love your blog! :)

Retro Attic said...

Great idea!

shopPOPKO said...

thanks everyone! i'll be posting other tips on my blog this week!

deb said...

Thanks for the explanation on that! I do love me some good presentation tips!! Check out this online store for custom stamps (I ordered a small one for the back of handmade cards and they're pretty inexpensive.)
Also, a local rubber stamp store does more customized designs where you can chose your fonts, etc.