Quick Shot

Here's a piece of my studio on a random day in January. These are the tables where the magic happens. I love seeing other peoples spaces and rooms. I like to get a glimpse of where they craft, where they work, how they organize (that's a whole other blog entry). There's a website to see interior design and home furniture from all around the world, called Normal Room. Regular people from everywhere post photos of their space. You'll see some fancy ones, average homes, and I LOVE getting to see how the other side of the planet lives day to day. If you ever need home interior inspiration...take a peek.


hojpoj said...

Cool - interesting idea (normal room)! I like that idea. Thanks for sharing a picture of your workspace. I find it interesting as well! :D

bellacolle said...

Hi! I have enjoyed reading your blog, found you on the etsy blog roll call thread! Your work table looks soo neat, mine is a jumble..I call it creative clutter.lol.anyway I have enjoyed reading your blog..will be checking back with you in the future :)! Cheers!

Tiffany Harvey said...

There is a Live Journal community dedicated to pictres of people's workrooms ~ how fun is that?


I think your blog is off to a great start! I will keep checking back. Here is my own ~

Stephanie said...

You have so much space! I just have my computer desk and the floor as my workspace when I make my cards, hah!