Quick Shot

Here's a piece of my studio on a random day in January. These are the tables where the magic happens. I love seeing other peoples spaces and rooms. I like to get a glimpse of where they craft, where they work, how they organize (that's a whole other blog entry). There's a website to see interior design and home furniture from all around the world, called Normal Room. Regular people from everywhere post photos of their space. You'll see some fancy ones, average homes, and I LOVE getting to see how the other side of the planet lives day to day. If you ever need home interior inspiration...take a peek.


Handmade Pretties

I've always loved this shop. Everything about it shows that someone put their heart into making each thing. Adorable things too.... like this Tweetie Pincushion. Who would want to jab their pins into this sweet little cartoon of a bird? I DO! It looks like a ball of fun! It would definitely make an awesome gift for that milliner in your life.


Behind the Scenes...

My new box of wings!
Yesterday I was lucky enough to get another bag of wings from the Butterfly Museum. This time they figured out that Im going to be there a lot more often and let me into their freezer to just get them myself! To get there, I had to breeze through the indoor gardens, a magical world with tons of butterflies surrounding me, fluttering by me. Then, quickly again through a labrynth of doors and into a tiny room with all sorts of projects happening behind the scenes. Including a woman who showed me 5 little birds that hatched that morning, all cuddled together and opening their beaks for food. This is where I get my supplies? I love it. My days always have a twist.


It's Earth Day!

The tip of Massachusetts is washing away in this photograph. I took the picture from my fathers boat last October. Massachusetts is shaped like a hook, as you might have seen. There was a super high tide this day, and you can see the people walking out on the sandbars created by the sea washing over the sand, erasing the hook entirely. There arent supposed to be little islands there. (Click on the photo to see it up close)

It was beautiful but totally frightening. We had never seen the hook washed away before. We were watching part of our home drift away, if only for this tide. It was like a movie where you get a glimpse of the future, only I was more terrified than curious. Earth day is always a good reminder to take care of your world. There are a million small things you can do to help. Enjoy what you have. You might not always have it.


Who doesnt love a fabulous presentation?

I love love love ribbon and paper and tape. Ive had a lot of questions about my famous PoPkO! wrapping paper. Whats the secret? A printer. I wish I could say rubber stamp too. My wrapping paper is simple to make, and you can do it at home! I played around with my photo program, rearranged text on an 8.5"x 11" template, and decided how I wanted my products to feel when someone took it out of the envelope. Viola! I had my own fancy paper. I use recycled white printer paper and usually cut it in half to wrap my small goodies, and a whole sheet for the big fun (when ordering several things). My next plan is to get a rubber stamp made so that I can expand my branding to shopping bags and notecards, envelopes, ribbon, anything!