My Painting

Every once in a great while I begin a painting. I have never finished one (oh wait, there was the one in college painting requirement). I love painting. I love it so much that I freeze up when I begin. My nephew might not get the one of the turtle & the bear until he is 18 years old.

I actually thought I would possibly study painting in college, but found sculpture when I got there. Painting is meditative, but I preferred meditating to a jigsaw and grinder.

My family is really creative. All of them. All 7 of us. My mother paints all the time. She has a studio lined with completed paintings, four canvasses deep. Im not exaggerating. Everyone has a talent, or five (or 50). I plan to exhibit all of these talents on my blog, gradually. I WAS planning on doing 'family fridays" and show a little bit of what they all have made. Im thinking that scheduling it for myself may be the only way to go (see previous blog entry).

Studio, 12"x16" 2005

This painting is one I began a few years ago. It's a view of the studio on wheels that my dad has hidden in Cape Cod. Its a tiny and secret place that overlooks the bay. From there you can see the whole wide world it seems. It is a crooked building, you want to hang onto something so you dont roll right out the door. But becasue its a secret its that much more exciting. No, no work gets done there. Maybe the occasional yoga or visit. But we still call it the studio nonetheless, because that was the original purpose. I painted this from memory. I challenged myself. I drove down there, memorized the lines, and went home to see if I could remember. I was having so much fun designing from memory, I was allowed to make up anything. I am afraid to finish it now. I like the choppy water in the top left. It looks cold to me. I like the little crow in the front that looks like nothing. The beginnings of lobster traps out to the left bottom. I love this painting.


High Desert Diva said...

I love that the studio is hidden and secret.

shopPOPKO said...

(did you see that part where it says its on wheels? it's in case the secret gets out...)

thanks for reading my blog!

Jen Vecc said...

hi girlie- you've been tagged! check out me blog for details... :)

p.s. we are going to look at Vibes today! so excited! i am waiting for jon to get back from Loretta's. (she is selling the house -so jon and some of the brothers helped her paint yesterday)

big hug!

deanna roux said...

so nice to hear about your other art endeavors! and congrats on your wing rings - i'm sure they will fly right out of your shop - get it? fly - hehe